How to Throw A Weed-Friendly Wedding

Love is in the air: it’s wedding season!

Most couples choose to make their weddings a reflection of themselves. They find special moments and activations for guests that include their favorite colors, music, foods, and liquor, which is why many cannabis consumers are now choosing to include weed consumption within their wedding experience, as well.

Weed weddings have become extremely popular as more states choose to legalize adult-use consumption. 420-friendly weddings also give attendees who don’t drink an option to participate in the celebration without being totally sober.

Cannabis Wedding Favors and Infusions

  • Infused honey
  • Gummies
  • Pre-rolls in varying doses/strains
  • Grinders with the new family name engraved on them
  • Topical balm
  • Custom matchboxes
  • Infused macaron sets
  • Massage candles infused with CBD
  • Seed packets
  • Herbal tea bags with custom labels
  • Flower in a small glass container

Cater Your Own Wedding with Infused Foods & Beverages

Gift For Your Wedding Party

  • Laser engraved lighters, pipes or one hitters
  • Ardent Nova or FX device with accessories
  • Ardent Infusion Kits
  • Cannabis patterned robes and slippers
  • High-design bong or water pipe

Floral Arrangements and Bouquets

Include cannabis or hemp leaves and buds in your floral arrangements on tables, letting the attendees bring the dried nugs home, and in your bridal bouquets. Add leaves to the bride’s flower crown and to the groom’s boutonnieres for herb-accented versions.

Credit: Emily Gogol, PhD, of Grow It From Home

Have a Designated Consumption/Smoking Area or Rolling Station

  • If budget permits, hire a budtender to create the ultimate experience for your guests (like mixologists, budtenders provide knowledgeable suggestions and help with product selection)
  • Feature strains such as Wedding Cake, Wedding Pie, and even a custom strain or herbal blend named after the couple
  • Offer pre-rolls wrapped in paper, hemp, or tobacco
  • Include labeled tinctures as an option for folks to turn beverages into cocktails with an everclear infusion
  • Offer THC, CBD, or CBG pre-roll options, as well as cigars
  • Provide natural glue for closing up hand-rolled joints or blunts without sharing germs

Start the ceremony at 4:20 pm

To kick off your marriage in stoner style, why not begin your union at the magic weed hour? Take things a step further and cut the cake at 7:10 pm, along with setting off the torches for some wedding dabs.

Attending a stoner wedding? Don’t forget a little something for the bride and groom.

Cannabis Gifts for Brides and Grooms

  • Ardent Nova or FX device with accessories
  • Honeymoon CBD or THC-infused pleasure oil
  • Cannabis flower or concentrates with a terpene profile focused on arousal
  • Fancy glassware for their new home (YES, that kind of glassware)
  • CBD-infused skincare kit to look gorgeous in bridal photos
  • Gift certificate to a 420-friendly getaway such as a Bud & Breakfast

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