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Perfect decarb and infusion in one

Activate and infuse your THC with the Nova


The 1st In Home Decarboxylation Device

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What Exactly Is Decarboxylation?

Decarboxylation is the process of converting cannabis into its active form, making it bioavailable for the human body. It’s a critical step for any consumption method, especially those who prefer to consume via oral, sublingual or topical applications.

The problem with traditional decarb methods is they’re difficult to execute from home. They’re time consuming, messy, inaccurate and leave a strong smell in your home. The NOVA is the first in home decarboxylation system that delivers a perfect decarb, every time.

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Decarb Infusion Dosing

Shanel A. Lindsay

Founder and President

For years I struggled to dose accurately with my medicine. Determined to find a solution, I decided to test all the methods people were using.

I learned it’s virtually impossible to get a full decarb with any conventional appliance. I was blessed to work with the scientists at MCR labs to create a product that finally solves this problem.

The NOVA – an innovative in home device that delivers decarbed marijuana to people looking for an alternative method to consume.

This product changed my life – it can do the same for yours.


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