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Ardent May & June Community Highlights

Everyday Infusions for All

Between launching our Stoner Snack Pack and Breakfast Cloud Cakes in time for the high holiday, we saw our community come together to learn and celebrate the power of the plant with our all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen. We also got you ready to celebrate our birthday or yours, with our ultra customizable Ardent Birthday Infusion Kit.


We’re happy to see the Ardent community support our monthly Instagram Live show, Easily Baked with Ardent, where our Content Manager, Sarah, showed us how to make infused nerd ropes and starburst candies, in-unit key-lime pie, and bake-less tiramisu.

Amber Dorsey

We also rounded out our recipe series for everyone by the mamas of the HiVi community. They provided recipes running the gamut from infused sweet treats, to savory bites, and even DIY infused bodycare.

Summer Ready

Darlene Sharples

We love to see how our Owners activate with Ardent. With summer finally here, we’re excited to highlight super user Owner, Darlene Sharples, who created 100mg strawberry creamsicles and keto Thai ginger ice cream with an infused caramel swirl.


With infused ice cream, stoner cookouts, and infused picnics filling our calendars, we made sure to check in with self-care enthusiast and cannabis-friendly mobile nail salon owner, Nomi Miraj, to get our skin summer ready. Poolside never looked better.

Have you tried our Ghee?

“Ardent Ghee sounds like the second greatest ultimate convenience!“ - Dorsie Hathaway @dorsiehathaway

Celebrating AAPIHM & Honoring Juneteenth!

Last month we congratulated Chef Wendy Zeng on winning her Chopped 420 episode! We interviewed Wendy to learn more about her experience on the competitive cooking show. We also gathered insight from the community of Asians in Cannabis to learn more about allyship and representation in the industry.

Ardent Founder, Shanel Lindsay, reminds us that equity is not optional and Juneteenth is a reminder of that.

"With states like Connecticut still fighting tooth and nail for basic equity provisions in the face of unyielding corporate greed, federal legalization that isn't laser-focused on creating a restorative marketplace will destroy all we are working to build. Understand the issues and the path forward by reading Shaleen Title’s evidence-backed and solutions-oriented piece. Equity is not optional."

Brand Highlights

#TheMoreYouKnow - Did you know that our packing peanuts in your Ardent order are fully dissolvable in water? They’re made with organic starch and leave behind zero toxic waste for your pipes and the planet.

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