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We’re glad you’ve made it here! The amount of uses you can get out of your FX Precision Heater are truly limitless. However, to start, we wanted to highlight just how easy it is to go from raw flower (or starting material) through activation and (if you so desire,) infusion, all the way to baked treat or cooked snack/meal.

We hope you join our community here at Ardent as we explore new and exciting uses for our FX and, most importantly, don’t keep your newfound methods to yourself! Existing customers probably already know, and new customers will soon realize - we love to educate, share and learn as a community. And just like with Nova, there will be more and more uses for the device revealed over time. Please check out more information here. Join our exclusive community of Ardent owners here, and have your product serial number handy to gain access.

Ardent FX Quick Start Manual

Download the detailed FX manual here.

1. Remove the FX Unit, and power base from the purple carrying case. Plug the base into an outlet. Please note that the power base can short circuit if wet and should be used on a dry surface.

2. Place the FX unit onto the base charger - note the power light will show as green with one of the four setting options lit as yellow (A1 setting is ON in the below image.)

3. Click the “M” Mode Button to cycle through the four settings and choose your desired heat level:

a. A1 = Activate THC; cycle optimized to activate THC from THCA - Also activates CBGA to CBG

b. A2 = Activate CBD; cycle optimized to activate CBD from CBDA

c. Infuse; Use this setting to infuse your activated material into oil, butter and more; this cycle runs at a lower temperature

d. Bake; The highest temperature setting, use this setting to bake treats, souvee meat, cook pasta and more! The possibilities are endless and we will continue showing extended uses on our website at:

4. Open the top of the FX, place your material in and reattach the top completely.

a) If decarbing flower, only insert as much product as fits comfortably in the unit - do not try to jam more in, as it will negatively impact the flower’s trichomes and may cause the unit to fail.

b) Oil for infusion can be placed right inside the stainless steel inner cavity.

5. Click the Power button to start the cycle. The button color should change from green to red indicating that the cycle is in progress.

Note: at the end of the A1 and A2 cycles, the Power button will flash red, indicating the cool-down has started. Please wait until the cool-down stops completely to open the FX

6. After A1 or A2 activation cycles, choose your oil or butter preference and add it to your activated material inside your FX (only up to the Max Fill symbol). Use the M button to toggle to Infuse mode and click the Power button to start the low-temp infusion. See the Infusion Cycle section for more details including higher temperature infusions. (Picture of Fill Line)

7. After the infusion cycle, store your infused oil or add it to your favorite baking recipe and bake in your FX. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to run the Bake cycle. Please see the Bake Cycle section for more details.

8. Once finished with use, hand wash the FX unit or place it in the dishwasher, making sure the detachable power base does not get wet. Let the device dry completely before placing it on the base to use. Learn more about Dosing to zx achieve just the right dose for you or anyone else you make products for.

Learn more about Dosing to successfully achieve just the right dose for you or anyone else you make products for.

More on FX Cycle Settings

Decarboxylation: A1(THC) and A2(CBD)

Both of these proprietary decarboxylation cycles have been tried and tested for full THC/CBG and CBD activation from your starting plant material. If looking for an activated end product (rather than THCA, CBGA, or CBDA; the acidic form) you need to decarboxylate before the material can be infused. For More information, including an overview of what decarboxylation is and why it matters, check out the following resources:

Infusion Cycle

This entire cycle will run for close to three hours (that much time is not needed for infusion but some people like a longer infusion time, and there are other uses for this cycle that can benefit from the longer time period). This cycle peaks at 176 degrees F (or 80 degrees C). Important Note: Ardent’s tests have shown that whether the infusion runs for a one hour or a 2 hour cycle, the potency is the same. This means that infusion times can ultimately be left up to a consumer’s preference or the material requirements but should be a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of one complete cycle.

As owners of the original Nova may know, the THC activation cycle can also be used as an infusion cycle, especially when infusing concentrates or kief, which only need to be heated and mixed for infusion since there is no straining. When it comes to concentrates and kief, it is more about allowing the concentrate and oil to blend well. This higher temperature cycle is perfect for making sure the concentrates melt appropriately into the oil and can still be run for as little as 30 minutes.

The FX’s Infusion setting is perfect for lower temperature infusion materials. Test out some different infusion materials and times and let us know your preference!

To learn more about infusing check out the following resources:

Bake Cycle

Our newest cycle setting with fun and tasty potential! This setting naturally runs at our highest temperature - peaking at over 300℉ for a little over two hours (if left uninterrupted). We’ve found success with traditional baking recipes like cakes and cooking pasta but would love to see what you can do with your FX! Join us on the journey to discover all the wonderful and unique ways the Baking setting can enhance your daily life and empower you to create and cook even without access to a kitchen.

For those who have been a fan of Ardent for a long time probably remember that our first unit, Nova, originally was just a decarboxylator for THC. Since then, we have shown our audience how to decarb CBD, infuse oils and even bake mini cakes (see here) directly in the same Nova decarboxylator! Keep your eyes peeled here as we explore more and more functionality and uses for the FX.

Best Practices

  • All of the components that come with the unit must be used every time - even when using accessories, like our Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve! The unit consists of 3 parts: the power base, the main unit, and the black lid (which has the attached purple silicon lid bottom.
  • When loading herbs or other plant material into the FX, they should always be loose and there should always be room on the top. NOTE: the fill line is only for wet material--oil, milk, etc.
  • The unit has a time range in times for cycles, but should run for less than three hours for all settings. If you notice your unit is running longer then it should or need to stop the cycle early: Carry out a manual stop by holding down the Power button for 10 seconds until the light turns green. If this doesn’t work, unplug the unit - then contact us ( if anything seems amiss it is always best to contact us right away so we can help!
  • The FX is for indoor use only and must be used at room temperature - not in a garage or a basement! Doing so can cause the unit to run outside of it’s normal cycle which may result in damage. Misuse of the unit is not covered under the warranty.
  • Your unit should cool between every cycle. The needs to be left to cool until the light has turned green, and then for 20-30 min afterwards. It should always be cool to the touch when starting as not letting the unit come back to room temp before using it again may cause the unit to misbehave or stop working.
  • Once you start the cycle let it be! It is important that the unit not be opened while it is still running - no peeking!
  • Some condensation is completely normal when decarbing - like all plants, cannabis has water content that is released when heated.

1. What can you decarb in the unit?

You can decarb cannabis flower and concentrates, including kief, in your FX.

2. How much can you decarb or infuse at a time?

Roughly four ounces of flower (or more!) depending on density, or 28 fluid ounces of oil. The most important thing to keep in mind is that plant material should never be squished or compressed down in the device - only fill to what fits naturally. Oil and other liquids need to always be under the FILL line.

3. Will the cannabis decarb while I am infusing?

This was a very common question and so we tested, tested, tested. Our research has shown that you should always decarb with an A1 or A2 cycle first, let the unit cool for at least 20 minutes, and then mix the activated cannabis and oil material and run through an infuse cycle. If you don’t decarb before you infuse, your oil will only be approx 20%-30% activated. Decarbing and then infusing is the correct process. Check out our own Velvet Purp infusion into Extra Virgin Olive Oil here.

4. What container can I decarb concentrates or infuse in?

You can decarb concentrates and infuse directly inside the stainless steel inner cavity of the FX, or any heat safe container that fits comfortably.

5. How long do I infuse for?

Our research has shown that the infusion cycle needs at least 45 minutes to extract the most out of THC or CBD. Ardent’s tests have shown that whether or not the infusion runs for an hour or 2 hours, the infusion rates are nearly identical. This means that infusion times can ultimately be left up to a consumer’s preference or the material requirements. If running for less than the automatic cycle time, make sure to set a timer when you start your infusion cycle to be sure when you should manually end the cycle. As mentioned, No sleeve is necessary to infuse or decarb in your FX. Learn more about our research testing different infusion times here.

6. How do I manually end a cycle?

Hold down the button until it turns green! Not turning green? Just unplug it.

7. Can I decarb outside or in my garage?

No - much like most kitchen appliances (and people :) your unit needs to be at room temperature to work its best.

7. What happens when something goes wrong?

Or it seems like the cycle is running too long? Manually end the Cycle (see the Quick Start guide’s #5 for instructions)-- then contact us at If anything seems amiss it is always best to contact us right away so we can help!

8. What if I accidentally end my decarb cycle early (power goes out, etc.) - what should I do?

Estimate about how long the decarb cycle was running for and subtract it from two hours. Rerun the cycle for this length of time and manually end it (see step 5).

9. What about CBD? And about CBG?

CBD can be activated easily using the same steps as THC, except using the A2 setting. CBG can be activated easily using the same steps as THC, using the A1 setting. Our education section has all of our most current research, for instance:

Check out an easy CBD activation and infusion here

Safe and economical CBD DIY products here

10. These edibles feel different then the edibles I usually make with my oven - why?

Some of our customers are very used to CBN, a cannabinoid present when over decarbing like when smoking or using an oven. CBN can often feel heavier and more body-heavy and can be increased in your product by running your THC material twice. You are in control of the cannabinoids you want to receive!

11. Precision decarboxylation and infusion are new to me - I don’t want to put my whole batch in at once - what if I make a mistake?

There is no minimum in the device - so always feel free to experiment with small amounts! In fact - that is what we recommend anytime you are trying something new whether it be a new machine, new oil, or a new recipe.

12. Does it smell a lot?

No, the unit is odorless - unless you are standing right over it taking a big sniff ;) If your unit seems to be sharing its odor more than it should be please reach out and let us know so we can help! To minimize smell, let the unit cool fully before removing your perfectly decarbed product as the hotter air releases more smell into the environment.

13. Can I use alcohol in the device?

In short, no. Since alcohol alone is a strong enough solvent to almost instantly infuse, there's no need for heat during the process. Most importantly, mixing heat and alcohol is dangerous and puts you at risk; alcohol should never be heated in the FX.

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