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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter AKA Cannabutter for Edibles

What is cannabutter? Cannabutter is one of the most popular bases for cannabis edibles. It…

May 09 2023

11 Easy Instant Edibles

An instant edible is a medicated treat that skips the infusion step entirely. That’s right,…

May 07 2023

What is CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) & its Effects & Benefits?

There over 100 known cannabinoids, the two most well known being THC and CBD, of…

Mar 24 2023

The Ardent FX’s Adventure: How Extra Carrying Cases Saved the Day and Inspired a New Product

Once upon a time, the Ardent FX decided to embark on an adventure to Spain….

Mar 22 2023

Ardent FX In-Unit Chili

Making an infused meal inside the Ardent FX, as a stoner, is one of life’s…

Feb 25 2023

5 Cannabis-Infused Breakfast Toast Recipes You’ve Got to Try

Making the same breakfast every day gets so tedious, but thinking of something new to…

Feb 19 2023

How to Use ABV for Cannaoil or Cannabutter

The Ardent community is filled with cannabis and hemp lovers of all kinds! Along with…

Jan 31 2023

How to Make Edibles Taste Better:  6 Practical Tips

Learn how to make edibles taste better with these six practical, actionable cannabis cooking tips.

Jan 09 2023

11 Ways to Use Cannabutter for Dinner

Cannabutter is an ultra-diverse infusion base that can help you turn hundreds of meals into…

Jan 08 2023

3 Awesome Easy Cannabis Topicals You Can Make

A lot of people do not understand cannabis topicals.  They find it hard to believe…

Jan 05 2023

Cannabis and the Freezer: Freezing Edibles and Infusions

A whole lot of inaccurate information is floating around the internet concerning freezing edibles and…

Jan 05 2023

Cannabis Overdose? 6 Things to Do if You or Someone You Know Eats Too Much Marijuana

Can you overdose on edibles?  Is there such a thing as a “cannabis overdose?”  If…

Jan 03 2023

Ardent Accessory Haul

One awesome thing about the Ardent Nova and FX is that they’re totally functional without…

Dec 26 2022

3 Amazing Mason Jar Mixes Gifts You Can Make with Cannaflour

Learn how to make edibles taste better with these six practical, actionable cannabis cooking tips.

Dec 23 2022

The Best Smoking Blends for Decarbed Weed

Did you know that when you smoke a joint, the flame from your lighter creates…

Dec 22 2022