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Easy Coconut Oil Extraction/Infusion With Velvet Purp

We are so happy at the incredible response our community has had to our beloved Nova being able to infuse as well as decarb!

In our exhaustive pursuit of cannabis knowledge, we continued testing and are ready to share our awesome organic coconut oil infusion results with you here. We love extracting into different oils and keeping our edibles as varied as our cravings, and one we always have on hand is the ever-versatile Coconut Oil. With so many natural benefits, this organic coconut oil is a household staple.

Use it in food and lotion recipes – or just use as-is orally or topically. For those in need of infused suppositories (I’m talking to you period cramps), it can even do that!

With it’s many uses, mild flavor and ability to harden coconut oil is an essential for beginners and experts alike

Velvet Purp is a favorite strain of ours, and not only because of its naturally Ardent-purple color, but also because of its delightful smell and mellow, upbeat effect. Decarbed, it contains 17.2% THC, which is 172 mg of THC in each gram. Extracting one gram of decarbed flower into Coconut Oil gave us  a little over 154 mg into the ounce of oil!

Starting flower testing below on the left, finished oil on the right.

How we infuse: We decarbed  1 gram of flower in the Nova, broke it up a little bit (no need to grind) and dropped it into our 1 ounce bottle of Coconut Oil to mix them. (You can also use the nifty silicone sleeve.) When you place the bottle into the Nova and press the button, the THC (or CBD, if you are using CBD flower) extracts right into the oil. A quick strain when it comes out, and your oil is ready to use! All fun and no sweat — which is more than we can say on these hot summer days…

The 1 gram of cannabis we started with had 172 mg of THC, and our final ounce of oil had 154 mg of THC. That’s an over 89% infusion rate with 154mg active THC using just one gram of cannabis. How amazing is that?

*Ardent’s infusion testing is always done with a 1 gram of flower : 1 ounce of oil ratio, unless otherwise specified. This 1:1 ratio is a great indicator of what you can get out of 1 gram of cannabis and makes it easier for you to compare results. You can use more or less when infusing.

For easy, potent infusions at home with just a tiny bit of starting material grab your Precision Decarboxylator and your Coconut Oil Kit today!


  1. Wonderful being able to make small amounts sometimes. Don’t always want 2 or more cups on hand! Great product and very well done video.

  2. Hello,
    I purchased your coconut oil kit and it was the most potent, simple infusion method I’ve ever used,
    Thank you!

  3. Well done! Been doing this for years… Now try infusing some honey. Next, make your own thc and/or cbd infused vape juice. I started experimenting with this last year with good results. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’m just sayin… ????

  4. My cbd vape juice is organic and it was perfect for quitting all forms of tobacco/nicotine consumption. Have been clean of nicotine for over 16 months now and I can now appreciate flavors and aromas much better than I have for years…????????????????

    Keep on keeping on with your “Bad Self” Shanel…

  5. I tell you this has legitimately revolutionized the way approach making tinctures, edibles, etc. The “set and forget it” feature, although a crude comparison, is not without its merit as with my chaotic life I need a product that can RELIABLY take of a task WITHOUT supervision. This machine doesn’t just buy you time, if thats how you choose to think about, it frees time to do the things that bring you JOY. It makes this more than just a household item, but an absolute MUST, if your even a novice user of CBD or THC products.

    I have used crockpots, temperature and time controlled crock pots….i’ve tried them all. None, are as efficient as the Arden. Period. Drop in flower, Set it, leave, pour in some MCT coconut oil (personal favorite :-), set it again, leave, come back, strain, enjoy. If there are two words that I appreciate the most its “leave” and…. “LEAVE”. It gives you the confidence, and opportunity to leave the process, do something else, and return to it WITHOUT worry…lets be real, there is levels to this, this stuff is on another level. Thank you!!

  6. Happy Ardent came around. Understood benefits of decarb, but oven method was hit or miss at best. Since purchasing Ardent, I’ve poured over everything I could do with the Ardent. This foolproof method has helped me medicate many different ways. From cana butter to topicals, tinctures to vape oil with a high degree of THC accuracy. I love being able to experiment with 1 gram or less, to dial in what is perfect for me and a few friends. Thanks Shanel, you and your team should get a Nobel prize for machine and the well thought articles!

  7. I made my first FX oil infusion, and would like to echo Jae’s comments about the FX’s ease of use being revolutionary. I’ve been making my own oil to treat my bone-on-bone knee for years as no products had the same medical effect as home cooked full spectrum oil had from getting around during the day to sleeping at night. But I still would buy my medicine half the time due to hectic schedule combined with how long and messy the project was from start through clean up.

    Cooking the first batch of oil could not have been more carefree! Now that I’m used to set-and-forget decarboxing it would be really hard to go back 🙂 I especially appreciate the ease of cleaning the cooking chamber itself, what a difference from the mound of paper towels my previous method left me!

    Thank you for a beautiful product,

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