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Ardent X Most Expensivest & 2 Chainz

The show might be called Most Expensivest, but the Nova really makes the most-affordablest edibles. Regardless of whether you’re munching on some kief as-is like Miriam or feeling fancy with some Donkey’s Milk Caramel s’mores like Shanel, you can make it all an edible and for a fraction of the price.

*Looking for the full episode but don’t have cable ? Go to Viceland, click “Use A Free Pass” and get ready to laugh!

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  • Rebecca Manthey 7 months ago

    The new Snoop and Martha????. You all are great. Love your product.

    • CannaNanna5 6 months ago

      Great video..
      Loved it!
      Thanks for making such a wonderful product! I’m on my 2nd Nova..
      Can’t live without..
      Hubby has COPD and emphysema, so you have made it possible for him to enjoy to now! ???? We both thank you! ????????✌????????????????????

  • Darryel 7 months ago

    y’all tight for that you are a woman foshow ! Love your product it’s made my life a lot easier.

  • Jeanine Wilson 7 months ago

    I decarb every time I get flower..even if I just smoke gets sooo much better!.. so thankful for my ARDENT and the diffusing health is improving as much as my attitude..thanks ARDENT for your products!

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