The Official Ardent Guide to Mess-Free Edibles & Topicals

How do I make edibles mess-free and easy? You’ve come to the right place for…

Dec 07 2020

How Much THC/CBD is in Weed Stems? (Testing Results Inside)

Is there really THC or CBD in cannabis stems? They stick your fingers and poke…

Dec 04 2020

Ultimate Guide to a Cannabis-Infused Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means celebrating the things that we hold closest: friends, family, food, and our favorite…

Nov 24 2020

Cannabis Vegan Recipes: Peanut Butter Cookie Cake & No-Egg Rolls

Looking for cannabis vegan recipes? Chef Jenny Chicoye, super talented vegan baker and Ardent community…

Nov 19 2020

Easy Seasonal Cannabis-Infused Ice Cubes

Why cannabis-infused ice cubes? Not sure where to start with cannabis-infused drinks? You’re not alone!…

Nov 16 2020

Infused Olive Oil Cake And Tuscan Herb Focaccia Recipe

Infused olive oil cake? Focaccia bread? Yes, please. Looking for some new cannabis-infused olive oil…

Nov 07 2020

What Is Infusion Boosting And Does It Work?

Is “Infusion Boosting” possible? Many of you have asked, and we finally have the lab…

Nov 03 2020

How To Preserve Your Home Grow

It’s October, so for our outdoor growers, that means it’s time for harvest. This year,…

Oct 28 2020

Cannabis Infused Bulletproof Cold Brew

For those of us who don’t really wake up until the aroma of coffee fills…

Oct 11 2020

Easy Cannabis Cheese Toast

Cannabis cheese toast; an incredibly easy, potent edible made possible by Ardent’s decarb superstars, Nova and FX. You won’t believe how simple!

Oct 06 2020

Semi-Homemade Hacks

A very strange season with our new normal has offically passed. As a warm summer…

Sep 29 2020

11 EASY Ways to Use Decarbed Cannabis

Once you’ve learned how to decarb weed and your bud is ready, the sky’s the…

Sep 25 2020

How to Make Weed Milk & Cream in Your Nova FX (Infusion Test)

The kids are back to school, so we decided to launch Ardent Academy – bringing…

Sep 15 2020

How to Make Edibles Without Butter {5 Cannabutter Alternatives}

If you’ve ever made your own edibles, there’s a good chance you made your own cannabutter….

Sep 12 2020

How to Make Gummy Edibles (Easy THC Infused Gummies Recipe)

Infused gummies are where many edible experts draw the line. Too many variables, very precise…

Sep 02 2020