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How To Preserve Your Home Grow

It’s October, so for our outdoor growers, that means it’s time for harvest. This year,…

Oct 28 2020

Easy Cannabis Cheese Toast

Cannabis cheese toast; an incredibly easy, potent edible made possible by Ardent’s decarb superstars, Nova and FX. You won’t believe how simple!

Oct 06 2020

Semi-Homemade Hacks

A very strange season with our new normal has offically passed. As a warm summer…

Sep 29 2020

How to Make Weed Milk & Cream in Your Nova FX (Infusion Test)

The kids are back to school, so we decided to launch Ardent Academy – bringing…

Sep 15 2020

How to Make Gummy Edibles (Easy THC Infused Gummies Recipe)

Infused gummies are where many edible experts draw the line. Too many variables, very precise…

Sep 02 2020

S’mores Easy Home Recipe Ft. Decarbed Concentrate

Some of us are outdoorsy, and the rest of us would rather stay home without…

Aug 21 2020

Get Saucy With These Condiment Recipes

Highest Hot Sauce We’re all looking for a bit of adventure these days, and we…

Aug 04 2020

Salads and Sunshine ๐ŸŒž Light Foods + Infused Summer Refreshments

When it’s hot, get cool with these simple and refreshing bites that keep your energy…

Jul 05 2020

Simple Demo Recipes for Your Portable All-In-One Kitchen ๐ŸŒฟ Infused or Non-Infused

On the road again or staying close to home? Either way, FX is your ticket…

Jun 25 2020

High 5 Infused Chocolate Cannabis Birthday Cake Recipe

It’s been 5 whole years since we started Ardent and what an amazing 5 years…

Jun 15 2020

Summer Cakes & Pies in the Ardent FX

We can’t be the only ones in the mood for fresh summer treats this time…

Jun 01 2020

Dips & Tricks – Infused Provisions to Welcome Summer ๐Ÿ’œ

The warmer weather is a perfect time to try out new twists on old favorites….

May 23 2020

Ardent Pantry Party Series

Cinnamon Breakfast Oatmealย – This recipe is perfect for a morning breakfast edible, breakfast for dinner,…

May 09 2020

The Truth About Decarb FREE Download

These myths could be costing you valuable time, energy and money! Learn how to get the most out of your cannabis with this FREE guide.