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Direct Sublingual THC Dosing – The New Frontier of Cannabis Administration

Direct Sublingual THC Dosing
Dosing Starts with 100% Decarboxylation Decarboxylated cannabis plant material may be used sublingually to systemically deliver pharmacologically active cannabinoids (e.g., THC) present without further processing. This discovery is significant, as sublingual use of decarboxylated cannabis provides accurate delivery of THC and other useful cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, without the drawbacks of smoking cannabis or cooking cannabis to eat it.     The onset of pharmacological effects is rapid, and their duration equivalent to or exceeding other forms of ingestion.  With sublingual use, delivery of both THC and other useful cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, is significantly improved. Sublingual delivery of cannabis is...

24 Ways to Consume Marijuana – Smoking, Edibles, Lotions, & More

ways to consume weed
1. Pills or Capsules Also known as Cannacaps, THC capsules have become a popular method of ingesting marijuana. THC pills contain marijuana, typically suspended in an oil. They provide a safe way to consume cannabinoids, especially for those with respiratory issues. There's a number of benefits to using Cannacaps: Because they deliver a steady, predictable dose of THC, they’re considered safer than smoking There's no smell, no smoke and are discreet They can be used to treat a variety of ailments when combined with other ingredients (i.e. melatonin for sleep) The THC has a longer duration of effect Additionally, for those...

8 Ways to Use Weed Oil

8Ways_CannaOil (1)
Since there are a lot of ways to use canna oil and cannabutter, we put together a list of uses, along with the best oils for each one. 1. Baking Using cannabutter or cannabis canola oil in baked goods are classic ways to make edibles, but a lot of people have started using cannabis coconut oil in their favorite sweet treats since it’s vegan and paleo-friendly. You can also use infused olive oil in your baked goods although it’s important to know that most olive oils have a strong flavor that may change the flavor of your finished goodie.  ...

5 Cannabutter Alternatives

Cannabutter Alternatives
1. Kief Butter/Oil If you want to keep using butter in your edibles, kief butter or kief oil is a great alternative to traditional cannabutter. Kief is the sticky bits of resin you see on buds. Making kief butter is quicker and simpler than its cannabis-infused counterpart and when cooked, it doesn’t impart the flavor of cannabis like using the whole flower. You don't have to worry about simmering it for more than a few minutes, there’s no plant matter to strain out, and your home won’t smell like weed for days. The major difference in the finished product is the...

10 EASY Ways to Use Decarbed Cannabis

1. Instant Edible Capsules For people that use cannabis medicinally, capsules are a lifesaver. They’re discreet, effective, and probably fit into your daily routine better than smoking or vaping. You can use them to treat chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, headaches, and so much more. Pairing cannabis with other vitamins and nutraceuticals is a great way to enhance its benefits and create medicine personally tailored for optimal health and wellness. We make it easy with preloaded nutrient capsules to match with your favorite strain to create an instant and complete therapy. Some of our favorite formulations include: Fish oil and...

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