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4/20 is coming up, and we're here to help you celebrate in style. Have you been searching for the perfect way to infuse your cannabis? Look no further as we bring you some of the best 4/20 gadgets from Ardent.

Did you know that you can use a machine to access more of your cannabis plant's cannabinoid content? Yes, with the touch of a button, you can increase the potency of your weed. Ardent's OG device, known as the Nova, is our flagship decarboxylator and infuser.

The Nova allows you to activate your CBD and THC plant material, and you can also use the device to make infused butter, ghee, oil, cream, and milk.

Are you looking for a gift for someone special in your life? If yes, keep reading to find out about some of the best presents for an epic 420!

420 Gift Set Ideas for 2022

Below are five fantastic items for 420, no matter who you are looking to shop for!

Nova Cannabutter Bundle

This bundle from Ardent allows you to churn ultra-potent Cannabutter, infused-shea butter, cacao butter, mango butter, and much more. You can use the Ardent Nova, Nova infusion sleeve, and infusion mold to easily decarb, infuse, and store your flower!

This infusion mold is a spill-resistant storage solution that can house up to 4 different infusions or food items in a fridge or freezer.

You can pair this with any other Ardent devices, kits, and accessories. Check them out here.

Nova Infusion Sleeve Bundle

Another flagship product- Nova's Infusion Sleeve - comes with all the decarb and infusion fun without any mess. You can increase the potency of up to an ounce of your weed with the press of a button. The best part is that anyone can use it without needing prior knowledge about the device.

Whether your partner or friend is new to cannabis or has been using it for a while, the Nova infusion sleeve bundle is the perfect item for your 420 gift basket this year. This silicone sleeve keeps the sticky mess out of the way while you activate concentrates or extract flowers into milk, oil, or other edible items.

This infusion sleeve by Ardent is BPA-free, FDA-approved, and used for manufacturing as well.

The Ultimate Nova Accessory Bundle

Are you ready to give your loved one an Ardent Nova accessory bundle as a 420 gift? This gift set includes everything you need to maximize your efforts, materials, and time while the device does its work. The Nova decarboxylator activates 97% to 100% of the Cannabinoids in your weed.

The bundle also includes accessories to help you convert activated Cannabinoids into your desired product. You can even get storage space to store them away during any stage of the process. The Ardent Nova is also compatible with other products. Use a single lifter, or double lifter for added stability, along with the Nova Vessel as the perfect storage solution for your flower and other products.

Nova Infusion Bundle

Grab this beautifully designed weed infusion bundle featuring Nova Decarboxylator, a silicone infusion sleeve, and our funnel strainer, also known as "frainer." This bundle is all you need to infuse and decarb your weed like a pro. Whether you wish to activate an ounce of hemp or cannabis, this accessory bundle is all that you and your loved ones will need.

All of these patented products allow you to get more out of your weed and increase the potency of your cannabis products. The best part is that you can get this accessory bundle to be compatible with all other Nova products at a very affordable price.

You don't need to add large quantities of product. You can activate any spare flower or kief you have at the moment to make edible topicals, capsules, edibles, and suppositories. Nova is a precision infuser that enables you to combine your hemp or cannabis with butter, oil, or other infusion media inside it to extract CBD, THC, and other Cannabinoids. It is as simple as it gets.

Other items included in the 420 gift set include:

Silicone Sleeve โ€“ the infusion and concentrate silicone sleeve takes the mess and stickiness out of your extracting flowers and activating concentrates and combines them with milk, oils, and other products. You can now decarb kief with ease while keeping your Nova clean during infusion. This product is BPA-free and made from FDA-approved silicone.

Frainer โ€“ if you are an infuser yourself, you will realize that Ardent took everything you wanted in a strainer and created this "frainer." This is a flagship funnel strainer with a sturdy handle to make infusion a mess-free, stress-free operation.

Ardent FX

Meet Ardent FX, your all-in-one personal portable cannabis infusion station. It's the perfect 420 gift for a significant other, family member, or your best friend. Whether you're a cannabis lover, CBD wellness ambassador, home chef, or edible aficionado, Ardent FX will be your at-home cannabis kitchen to activate your hemp and cannabis material and increase its potency up to 97 percent or more. You can use any form of the cannabis plant, including stems, flowers, concentrates, etc. All you need is to add the plant material, press the button to infuse, and enjoy your creations!


If you know someone who is a cannabis enthusiast and loves new gadgets, the above-mentioned items are a perfect present to add to your 420 gift basket this year.

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