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Ardent Nova
Concentrate and Infusion Sleeves
Gen 2 Frainer

About Product

Grab your Infusion Bundle featuring the Nova Decarboxylator, Silicone Infusion Sleeve and the “Frainer” – Ardent’s Innovative Funnel Strainer! This bundle is everything you need to decarb and infuse like a pro!

Nova: Activate up to an ounce of cannabis or hemp at a time with the Nova, Ardent’s original patented personal precision decarboxylator. Get way more out of each gram and have the power to make any cannabis product for a fraction of the price. With no minimum amount required, you can activate your spare flower, kief or concentrate to make edibles, topicals, capsules, suppositories and more. Use your decarbed material direct in your products, no infusion needed! If you do want to make medicated oils, drinks or tinctures, Nova is also a precision infuser. Just place your activated cannabis or hemp and desired oil, butter, or other infusion medium in the device to extract the THC, CBD or other cannabinoids. It couldn’t be easier.

Silicone Sleeve: The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve takes the sticky and messy out of activating concentrates and extracting flower into oils, milks and more. Decarb kief and concentrate with ease, and keep your Nova clean as a whistle during infusions with this flexible sleeve that makes straining after infusions a breeze. The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve is made from FDA approved food-grade silicone and is BPA free. 

Frainer: As infusers ourselves we took everything we wanted to see in a strainer and created Frainer – Ardent’s Funnel Strainer. The strainer shelf with its nifty handle makes for the most mess-free infusion you can imagine. The step funnel stays balanced in a multitude of bottles giving you the versatility and ease that’s been missing from your infusions. Back in stock just in time for the holiday, get yours before they’re gone.