Ultimate Nova Accessory Bundle


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Ardent Nova
Concentrate and Infusion Sleeves
FX Vessel
FX Single Lifter
Single Lifters
FX Double Lifter
Double Lifters

About Product

If you’re ready to add the Ardent Nova to your cannabis kitchen arsenal, this bundle will provide everything you need to maximize your time, efforts, and materials while the device is in use and beyond. The Nova, our flagship device, activates 97-100% of cannabinoids in your material, and the included bundle accessories help you efficiently convert those activated cannabinoids into the products you desire, and give you space to store them along any point of the process.

How to Use

Slide whichever Nova accessory you would like to use, based on your needs, into the Nova unit. If using the Vessel in-unit, keep the Vessel lid to the side during the cycle.  if using a larger jar to decarb, opt for the Single Lifter for added stability, and the Double Lifter when working with two materials at once.

Compatible With

The Ardent Nova is compatible with the Nova Vessel and Nova Single and Double Lifters.

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