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One awesome thing about the Ardent Nova and FX is that they’re totally functional without any accessories at all. You’re free to decide how you want to use your unit, what you make, and where and when to make it. No minimum material amount required!

With that said, our suite of accessories have been thoughtfully designed to be compatible with the Ardent Nova and FX. Our products and accessories have been tested time and time again to create a seamless experience for our community during decarb, infusion, and cooking or baking.

Here’s a closer look at our suite of accessories meant to give you an efficient, mess-free experience every time you power on your device:

Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve is a silicone insert that lines the inside of your Ardent FX, Mini or Nova device for mess-free experimenting right inside your unit. Made of FDA approved, food-grade, BPA-free material, the Sleeve is your answer to precisely activating sticky, waxy, hard to manipulate concentrates, as well as making easy two-step cannabis and hemp infusions right inside the machine.

The Sleeve is also a huge help when making messy candy edibles inside the unit. The slippery inside ensures you never lose a drop of your infused treats. Try out our infused Starburst, Nerds Rope, or infused gummy hack recipe to get started!

With Sleeves fit for the Nova or FX and Mini, regardless of which device you own, you can ensure a simple, mess-free process each and every time.


If you love the convenience of the Sleeve, you’ll love the diversity of the Ardent Vessel. Think Infusion Sleeve plus stash jar in one convenient accessory. The Vessel sits comfortably inside the Nova or FX device, and can be easily removed for storage in the fridge, freezer, counter, cabinet, and more to extend the shelf-life of your infusions.

Store your smoke stash, activated bud, infusions, edibles, capsules, and more in this discreet, airtight, light-sensitive container.


The Single Lifters were designed to provide an added layer of stability for insertion and removal of plant material, infusions, and edibles into and out of the Ardent Nova and FX device.

The Double Lifters and FX Triple Lifter don’t just add stability, however, they also double and triple your efforts to save time running multiple cycles at once. You can stack herbs, infusions, and edibles on shelves that nestle comfortably inside the device. Discover endless time saving combinations!

The Lifter’s collapsible handles contain silicone portions to make lifting easy and pain-free - no more waiting for your device to cool down before grabbing your material, infusions, or edibles!

Grab a Single or Double Lifter for the Ardent Nova, or a Single, Double, or Triple Lifter for the Ardent FX.

Infusion Press

The Infusion Press is an attachable FX strainer that separates out your spent material from your infusions without the mess. The Press also features an easy pour spout, so once your infusion cycle is complete, all you have to do is replace the FX’s standard lid with the Press and push the lever down. Then, easily pour your infusion out into the airtight container of your choosing (we’re partial to the Vessel.)

The Infusion Press works by plunging your infusion through 4 layers of metal and mesh strainers at the gentle press of a lever. It’s great for folks suffering with mobility in their hands, where using a cheesecloth or coffee filter might be too tiresome and ineffective at grabbing every last drop.
The Infusion Press can also be used to brew coffee and tea inside your unit, along with so many other practical, non-medicated recipes.


The Ardent Frainer is the perfect solution for those making small batch infusions, or storing infusions in bottles or containers with smaller mouths. A funnel and removable strainer in one handy accessory, the Ardent Frainer is a practical kitchen tool for cannabis, hemp, and beyond.

Infusion Mold

The Ardent Infusion Mold is a silicone storage container for infusions of all kinds. With 4 separate cavities containing 8 premeasured tablespoon divots in each section, it’s easy to pour out infusions like cannabutter from the device and into separate pre-dosed stick sections. With 4 sections to play with, you can use different herbs, strains, potencies, and infusion mediums within each section. Since it’s made of silicone, you can also bake inside of it, if need be! The Infusion Mold’s branded cover helps prevent spills and invasive fridge smells from creeping their way inside.

Scent Shield

The new Ardent FX Scent Shield provides an extra layer of security for your discretion and a solution for sensitive noses. Remove the FX lid, then replace it with the Ardent FX Scent Shield during decarboxylation, infusion, and bake cycles whenever you want to avoid drawing attention to your medicine.

Nosy neighbors, judgy roommates, prying landlords, and even children in your household won’t sense a thing as your cannabis or hemp decarboxylates, infuses, and bakes in the FX.

The provided filters nestle inside the lid, which can be disposed of and replaced. Each filter uses activated carbon as a smell neutralizer and deodorizer, binding the odor molecules and attaching them to the surface. A perfect option for folks with a heightened sense of smell compared to the average person.

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