The Best Smoking Blends for Decarbed Weed

Did you know that when you smoke a joint, the flame from your lighter or hemp wick creates a tunnel of heat that decarbs the plant material before you inhale? 

The issue with smoking, however, is that the flame tends to burn off valuable cannabinoids, while the hot air going from the tip of the joint into your lungs fails to fully activate other present cannabinoids. 

Regardless, smoking is one of the quickest methods to absorb cannabinoids in your system, with the effects usually being felt within the first 10 minutes of consumption. So, how can we make this consumption method more efficient and cost effective? 

The answer is, by decarbing. With Ardent technology, you’ll achieve between 97 – 100% activation of your THC, CBG, and CBD-rich material. From there, it can be infused into butters, oils, alcohols, milks, and creams, eaten directly, used in skincare and haircare products, or even smoked. 

Smoking decarbed bud ensures you’re making the most of your material by allowing you to inhale fully activated cannabinoids. The effects generally feel more potent, making you consume less cannabis to achieve the same result. The flavor, however, can be a bit on the harsh side. So, to maximize the benefits* of your smoking routine, account for additional space in your joint (since you’ll need less weed,) all while improving the flavor, we recommend spliffing your joints with one of the following herbal additions: 

*As you also should with cannabis, look out for organic options whenever possible, to ensure you’re only inhaling the healthiest materials possible. Please also consult your doctor or physician before consuming cannabis or herbs of any kind.

How to Decarb Weed for Smoking 

In the Ardent Nova, decarboxylate cannabis rich in THC by placing your plant material inside the device, closing it, and pressing the single button interface. Once the cycle is complete, your cannabis will have a slightly toasted color and is ready to be smoked. 

In the Ardent FX, decarboxylate cannabis rich in THC or CBG by utilizing the A1 setting. Decarboxylate hemp rich in CBD by utlizing the A2 setting. Once the cycle is complete, your cannabis will have a slightly toasted color and is ready to be smoked.

Non-Decarbed Weed 

We respect the traditionalists who truly love the flavor of weed. If you’re not yet ready to retire old smoking habits for something new, consider spliffing your regular joint with a bit of decarbed bud. You’ll preserve plenty of flavorful terpenes while also maximizing your dose.


One of the main terpenes in lavender is linalool, which is also found in strains like Do-Si-Dos, Buddha Haze, Amnesia Haze, a strain called Lavender, and many others. Combining your activated herb with dried lavender and it’s unique terpene profile can contribute to the overall synergistic effect referred to as the entourage effect. Lavender also has many calming properties that can help you wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Damiana Leaf

Not only is damiana leaf best known for having aphrodisiac properties, it is also rumored to have calming effects. It smells similar to chamomile and is a gentle smoke, compared to other herbs that can be more on the bitter side. If you’re looking to maximize the libido-boosting effects of damiana leaf, pair with a decarbed strain like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer to give you plenty of energy in the bedroom, or something relaxing to prevent performance anxiety, such as Baklava or Wedding Cake.


Mullein is a pretty neutral base great for pairing with decarbed cannabis. Mullein is best known for its lung-supporting properties, and is frequently used in teas and herbal lung steams. If you’re looking to offset some of the harshness in your joint or blunt, consider using mullein as a filler.


Not only can you add dried organic rose to your joints, you can actually roll your decarbed cannabis in a wrap made from rose petals! If you haven’t tried making your own rose blunt, we highly suggest it. It provides a delicious floral flavor along with calming effects that decarbed bud can only enhance.


Another relaxing herb to include in your joints or blunts is sage. Sage also pairs perfectly with mullein for a smooth, earthy smoking blend. 

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