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Sample Test Results


Comparison of Oven, Toaster Oven, and Nova Decarb

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Sample testing from Nova development stage comparing traditional forms of decarb with precision activation.

  • Raw Cannabis Max Potential THC: 18.1%
  • Oven Decarb 240F for 40 minutes Max Potential THC: 15.3%
  • Toaster Oven Decarb 220F for 60 Max Potential THC: 12.2%
  • Nova Prototype Decarb Max Potential THC: 17.9%

The testing above demonstrates how decarboxylatingin the oven and toaster oven leads to significant loss of THC. Results using the same temp settings in a different oven could just have easily shown a failure to fully convert THCA. Both instances lead to waste, through degradation or remaining inactive material, respectively. The overarching point: ovens aren’t constructed to maintain the precision in temp needed for a full and protective decarb, but instead swing above and under the tight parameters required for complete conversion with no loss. While there may be some achieving good results after significant trial and error, monitoring, using high-end ovens in conjunction with temperature probes and follow-up testing (and in some instances not caring that much if they are experiencing some loss), having a simple, fool proof, smell proof device that delivers lab grade decarboxylation is exactly what patients are seeking.

*Also note when reviewing that early Nova prototype achieved 95% decarboxylation. The process was further refined during development to currently deliver full (>97%) decarb each time.

Nova Shatter Decarb (for the concentrate lovers)

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  • Raw Shatter Max Potential THC: 72.2%
  • Decarbed Shatter Max THC: 79.2%

Shatter can become slightly more concentrated during decarb due to the evaporation of residual solvents.

Nova Flower Decarb 2

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  • Fresh Raw Plant Max Potential THC: 15%
  • Decarbed Flower Max Potential THC: 16.9%

When decarbed, fresh uncured flower also becomes slightly more concentrated due to the evaporation of moisture during the process.

Nova Flower Decarb 3

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  • Dried and Cured Raw Plant Max Potential THC: 18.8%
  • Decarbed Flower 1 Max Potential THC: 19.2%
  • Decarbed Flower 2 Max Potential THC: 17.7%

This third testing set demonstrates the natural plant variation that will be observed in some results. As a natural product, slight variation in the plant material is to be expected, even slight differences within the same bud, depending on which parts of the bud were closer to the light, or whether a small piece of sugar leaf is attached to the bud, just as a few examples. In our observations, variations in the plant usually fall within +/-1.5% of each other. There are also variations that will sometimes display in comparing single testing results. In the lab setting, these standard deviations are accounted for by using multiple testing points.

The testing set above includes variations within the normal range. The raw sample testing at max potential THC of 18.8%, with the first of the two decarbed samples that are also from the same bud as the raw sample (decarbed together in the same device at the same time) testing at slightly higher max potential THC of 19.2% and the second decarbed sample at a slightly lower Max potential THC but with all falling within 1.5% of each other. Large differences, however, (especially reductions) in max THC percentage indicate loss during the process, as well as >1.5% differences that persist over multiple testing points.


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