Cannabis Recipes & How To

11 EASY Ways to Use Decarbed Cannabis

Once you’ve learned how to decarb weed and your bud is ready, the sky’s the…

Sep 25 2020

How to Make Edibles Without Butter {5 Cannabutter Alternatives}

If you’ve ever made your own edibles, there’s a good chance you made your own cannabutter….

Sep 12 2020

Direct Sublingual THC Dosing – The New Frontier of Cannabis Administration

Direct sublingual application is firmly rooted in science and is traditionally one of the most…

Aug 11 2018

Ways to Consume Marijuana: How to Use Weed in 24 Unique Ways

There are dozens of ways to consume cannabis. As more consumers begin to see the…

Jun 13 2018

5 Snacks From 7/11 You Can Infuse With the Ardent FX!

Making cannabis or hemp-infused edibles from scratch can be fun and, with Ardent’s devices, the…

May 06 2022

5 Easy Recipes With the Ardent Nova

People have been making cannabis edibles for centuries now. Until recently, it’s been a tricky…

Apr 28 2022

CBD Infused Nankhatai Recipe for Holi by Peter Cardoz

Holi is a celebration marking the end of a long winter, and the start of…

Mar 18 2022

Ardent FX In-Unit Chili

Making an infused meal inside the Ardent FX, as a stoner, is one of life’s…

Mar 04 2022