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You Can Do Anything Bundle

You Can Do Anything Bundle

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Meet the You Can Do Anything Bundle! We’ve included everything you need to transform your kitchen into a bakery of delicious dreams. Decarb, melt, and bake with all the fun and none of the mess!

  • Ardent FX: The all-in-1 decarbing, infusing, melting, AND baking appliance
  • Vessel: Doubles as an infusion sleeve & a stash jar to store your flower, baked goods, and more!
  • Single Lifter: Keep your baked goods stable and avoid extra cleanup
  • Infusion Press: Designed for easy pouring and mess-free straining
  • Infusion Sleeve: Food-grade, FDA-approved, and BPA-free silicone canister lining (this product is currently out of stock)


Start by decarboxylaying your material in the FX using its customized settings for activating all of your favorite cannabinoids. Use the Vessel or Infusion sleeve to keep your device clean during the decarb cycle. If you’re choosing to infuse after, the Vessel and Infusion Sleeve are perfect for mess-free infusions. When you’re in the mood to infuse large amounts, the Infusion Press has you covered. Just press down to squeeze out the maximum amount of deliciously clear oil without having to deal with annoying cheesecloth (or getting your hands dirty). Use the Lifter when you’re cooking in the FX to easily remove your snacks and creations. Lifter is also your best friend if you’re decarbing or infusing inside a jar in the FX or activating concentrates in their original glass containers. Lifter makes it simple to pull all of your material in and out of the machine.


Consider adding the Double and Triple Lifters to activate, infuse and create even more treats at once in the FX. The Frainer is perfect for straining smaller infusions made in the Vessel or Infusion Sleeve! If you love to make snacks and treats in your FX, grab the baking lid to transform your FX into the perfect portable oven!

Grab our high potency CBGA flower to add an amazing new cannabinoid to your repertoire. (probably can only offer this on the ardent cannabis site, I’m pretty sure the FB and IG ads would reject us if we put CBGa or CBD flower up on the site but please let us know if that has changed)

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