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FX Vessel Duo with EVOO

FX Vessel Duo with EVOO

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An iconic trio: grab two Ardent Vessels, perfect for decarb, infusion, and storage, along with our Award-winning Koroneiki Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a seamless FX infusion experience from start to finish. Just decarb right inside the Vessel, pour the oil over the fully decarbed material, run an infuse cycle on the FX, then strain and enjoy. Keep your first Vessel stocked with decarbed bud that can be pulled for any infusion or recipe in a pinch, and stock your second Vessel with infused EVOO to elevate recipes like salads, bread, cakes, roasted vegetables, and more.

Choose between our traditional Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or the Tuscan Herb varietal, which includes pressed herbs like rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

How to Use the Vessel

Weigh out your material on a scale. Then, simply fill your Vessel with the material of your choosing (up to an ounce of flower) and nestle it comfortably inside your FX unit, rotating the handle 45 degrees. Place the FX cover back on top, and begin your decarb cycle. After decarb is complete, either pull your Vessel out of the unit and store using the airtight silicone top, or keep the Vessel inside the unit, pour your infusion medium over top, and begin the infusion process. Put aside infusions in the fridge, freezer, cabinets, or hidden in plain sight on countertops. The Vessel can also be used to stash away finished edible and topical creations, keeping out light and bugs, while looking plain enough to keep out tiny hands and wandering eyes.

vessel with extra virgin olive oil

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