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Ardent Cannabis

Totally Baked Bundle

Totally Baked Bundle

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We don’t do half-baked. When you’re craving something extra sweet & extra special, reach for the 3-piece Totally Baked Bundle!

  • Baking Lid: Control how much moisture is being released to decarb AND bake to perfection
  • Ready2Infuse Baking Cups: Disposable cups compatible with our lifters for easy prep, serving, and cleanup. Contains 3 cups.
  • Double Lifter: Decarb 2 types of plant materials, Infuse 2 different mediums, or Bake 2 treats!

*Device not included

How to Use

This bundle is the pathway to getting baked the Ardent way! Use the Ardent cups to decarb, infuse and as baking receptacles for any of your sweet or savory creations. The cups fit right on the FX Lifters for easy handling during every process. Make multiple treats or decarb, infuse or bake at the same time with the Double Lifter. Use the Baking Lid when you’re cooking with the FX to turn it into the perfect portable oven.

Compatible With

FX, and for the most versatility, consider the Single and Triple Lifters for easy handling and access when you’re creating at home or on the go. The Frainer is perfect for straining small infusions, mess free.

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