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Ardent Cannabis

Suppository Mold

Suppository Mold

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Ardent's DIY Cannabis Suppository Mold: Craft Your Chill!

Get ready to spice up your self-care game with our brand-new Ardent Infusion Suppository Mold – the coolest way to make your own cannabis-infused suppositories right at home! We made these because years of trying all the molds on the market led to nothing but issues and mess, and we know we aren’t the only ones struggling to make this amazing method of consumption accessible and easy for all of us!

With 14 individual mold slots, you an easily make 2 weeks worth of daily suppositories. Store them in the mold, or pop them out into a container. Depending on formulation, we recommend storing your cannabis suppositories in the freezer to maintain texture. For a suppository that can withstand higher ambient temperatures, use cocoa butter as your base.

Why You’ll Love It:
 Easy Peasy: Our mold is made of super-flexible, medical-grade silicone for no-fuss, easy-release fun. No more mess – just pure precision!
 Mix & Match Bliss: Create your dream suppositories by infusing them with your favorite cannabis strains and cannabinoids. It’s like a flavor party for your wellness routine!
 Benefits Galore: Discover the magic of cannabis-infused suppositories! Enjoy targeted relief, discreet consumption, and faster onset for a wellness boost like never before.
 Holistic Healing: Cannabis suppositories can provide localized relief, making them a game-changer for menstrual discomfort, pelvic pain, and more (for men & women!) It’s like a spa day for your body!

 Ardent Vibes: Trust the name that knows cannabis tech inside out. We’ve got the reliability and durability you’ve come to depend on.

Ready to make cannabis suppositories a part of your wellness routine?
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