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Ardent Cannabis

Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster

Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster

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  • Water-soluble THC beverage enhancer containing over 1050 mg of cannabinoids per bottle! Contains 50 (1-pump) servings per container
  • Each pump contains 3mg THC + 3mg CBD + 3mg CBG + 3mg CBC + 3mg THCV + 3mg CBDA + 3mg CBGA!
  • USA shipping only, available to all 50 states

Recommended Use

Here at Ardent, we understand that every individual’s cannabis journey is unique, and that’s why we encourage you to embrace the power of customization. We are so excited to offer a unique, multi-cannabinoid ready-to-use booster that boasts 3mg THC + 3mg CBD + 3mg CBG + 3mg CBC + 3mg THCV + 3mg CBDA + 3mg CBGA in every single serving! It’s a bold combination of only naturally-occurring active and acidic cannabinoids that spans the spectrum to include psychoactive THC and THCV, acidic CBGA and activated CBG, and our favorite, acidic CBGA and active CBG! This exquisite blend in a simple press and pump formulation means that you can turn any drink or snack into a powerful therapy, at home or on the go.

Using the innovative airless pump, dispense one serving (1mL) of the Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster into 6-10 ounces of your favorite warm or cold drink. Whether you’re sipping on a comforting cup of coffee or a refreshing fruit-infused beverage, our beverage booster effortlessly enhances the experience.

To achieve the most satisfying blend, simply shake or blend for 20-30 seconds to ensure the booster is fully incorporated into your beverage. The result is a deliciously infused drink that’s ready to elevate your moment and deliver the health and wellness benefits you’re seeking.

With the Ardent Done-For-You Top Shelf Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster, you’re in complete control of your cannabis experience, enhancing your favorite drinks with an useful blend of over seven cananboinods designed for uplift, focus, pain management and overall wellness. Easily up your routine and give your body the endocannabinoid boost it deserves!

Introducing our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster – Your Water-Soluble THC Beverage Enhancer

Cannabinoids are notorious for their affinity for fat, but what happens when you want to infuse a non-fatty beverage with the goodness of cannabis? No worries, we have the perfect solution! Our water-soluble drink aid is a true game-changer, designed to seamlessly mix into any beverage, hot or cold, while preserving its flavor.

No more frustration in your home kitchen trying to infuse drinks without the presence of fat. Our revolutionary nanotechnology turns THC compounds into tiny water-soluble molecules, ensuring a smooth and even infusion every time.

Each pump of our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster liquid cannabis drink aid contains the perfect balance of cannabinoids, including 3mg THC, 3mg CBD, 3mg CBG, 3mg CBC, 3mg THCV, 3mg CBDA and 3mg CBGA and delivers precise dosing control with ease. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your exact dosage.

The benefits are aplenty – it’s a low-calorie drink enhancer with zero sugar, making it ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s federally legal, containing less than 0.3% THC, so you can enjoy it without worries. Experience the good feels and good vibes, perfect for relaxation after a stressful day, minus the potential harms associated with alcohol.

Our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster offers a faster onset compared to traditional edibles, with effects typically seen within 15 minutes of consumption. It’s an excellent choice for both medical and recreational consumers alike, bringing versatility to your cannabis experience.

Unlock your creativity with custom recipes; transform your favorite beverages into THC-infused delights or whip up your unique cannabis creations. From infused hot tea or coffee to zesty lemonades and refreshing DIY cannabis-infused seltzers, the possibilities are endless.

While enjoying the delights of our Beverage Booster, please keep a few things in mind: Keep it out of reach of children, and in case of accidental ingestion, call the poison control hotline. You must be 21+ years old to indulge, and effects may vary, so always dose responsibly.

Remember that side effects like a rapid heart rate, dry eyes, and fatigue may occur, and it could lead to failed drug tests. Avoid driving under the influence, and if you have health risks or medical conditions, consult your doctor before use.

Experience a new level of cannabis infusion with our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster – a delightful addition to your daily beverages, delivered right to your door. Elevate your sips and savor the moment, embracing the elevated world of Ardent-infused drinks!

Lab Testing and Quality Assurance

At Ardent, we take quality seriously, and that’s why our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster undergoes rigorous independent lab testing to ensure the highest standards are met. Our lab test results, conducted by SC Labs, guarantee the purity, potency, and overall effect of our product. Rest assured, our Beverage Booster is free from any microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and residual solvents – quality is our top priority!

Unlocking the Full Spectrum

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just THC and CBD. We believe in the power of the whole plant, which is why our products are carefully formulated to include minor cannabinoids and a blend of terpenes known to enhance wellness. Through gentle CO2 extraction, we capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, each working in harmony to amplify the results. These compounds offer not just delightful taste and flavor but myriad of potential health benefits, enriching your experience with their synergistic effects.

Shipping with Discretion

Getting your hands on our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster is as hassle-free as it is enjoyable. We ship packages with the United States Postal Services (USPS), complying with all hemp-based product requirements to ensure legal delivery to your doorstep. Your package will arrive discreetly in an unmarked box or envelope, preserving your privacy and excitement upon its arrival.

Please note that, due to current laws, we are only able to ship within the United States at this time. Our aim is to bring the magic of Ardent to as many people as possible, and we’re working diligently to expand our shipping options in the future.

Experience the highest quality, full-spectrum magic of our Multi-Cannabinoid Beverage Booster, delivered with care and discretion – a true testament to our commitment to elevating your cannabis experience!

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

*Expedited shipping not available, all orders will ship via standard shipping. We can’t wait to get your drinks upgraded!

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