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Ardent Cannabis

Get Lifted Bundle

Get Lifted Bundle

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Lifted, shifted, higher than the ceiling! Keep your baking nights clean and simple with all 3 of our lifters. Each lifter decarbs, infuses, and bakes with ease. The more levels you use, the more you can create!

  • Single: Keep your baked goods stable and avoid extra cleanup
  • Double: Decarb 2 types of plant materials, Infuse 2 different mediums, or Bake 2 treats!
  • Triple: Decarb 3 types of material, Infuse 3 mediums, or Bake 3 treats!


You can never have too many Lifters. These must-have accessories are perfect for getting all of your precious products in and out of the FX. The Single Lifter fits standard mason jars and is great for handling larger decarb, infusion and food container with ease. The Double and Triple Lifters exponentially multiply your FX capacity and let you create multiple treats at once.


The Lifters pair perfectly with the Ardent Baking Cups for a completely controlled and mess-free creative journey. Consider the Baking Lid to use the FX as an oven to create your favorite sweet and savory elevated treats.

Grab our high potency CBGA flower to add an amazing new cannabinoid to your repertoire.

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