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B-Good Sparkle

B-Good Sparkle

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Looking for a new way to elevate your cannabis experience? Look no further than Ardent's newest product: CBGA kief! Kief is the magical fairy dust of the cannabis world, but don't let the whimsical nature fool you โ€“ it packs a serious punch with higher therapeutic (and non-intoxicating) potency than CBGA flower. And with our Sour G Kief boasting 30% CBGa and total cannabinoids while testing non detect on THC and being Total THC compliant, it's one of the best value and highest quality CBGA products you'll find worldwide.

But what exactly is kief, you may be wondering? It's the dried, sifted trichomes from CBGA flower.

The process of creating kief is a labor of love, like crafting a masterpiece. It requires careful attention to detail and a delicate touch to ensure that the trichomes, which contain the potent cannabinoids, are separated from the rest of the plant material. This process involves sifting the flower through fine screens, gently breaking off the resin glands to release the precious kief, and then carefully collecting it, all so you can use it to create top-shelf infused products! Each step of the process requires skill and patience, and the result is a product that's as beautiful as it is potent. Kief truly is a solventless work of art, and we're proud to bring you the highest-quality CBGA kief to enhance your cannabis experience.

CBGA kief a fantastic natural concentrate that's perfect for making edibles, using in topicals and suppositories, or enhancing your beauty routine. If you're looking for a non-psychoactive option, CBGA kief is the way to go. While you may have heard of CBDA, CBGA is considered the "mother of all cannabinoids" since it is a precursor to almost every other cannabinoid and also has some amazing therapeutic potential, making it perfect to include in your preventative routine. Our CBGA kief is particularly desirable because of its very low THC content and high total cannabinoid content.

As you may know, kief can be more versatile than flower since the plant material has been removed and kief is made of only the resinous trichomes. This also makes the kief far more potent than the flower. It has a fine, sandy texture that's easy to blend into your favorite creations. We love decarbing and using CBG kief on its own and blended with THC and CBD to make customized doses that satisfy all of our wellness and enjoyment needs.Try it out and show us what you create!

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