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Ardent Cannabis

Advanced Stoner Bundle

Advanced Stoner Bundle

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Grab the Ardent Nova, our flagship decarboxylator, with our biggest edible infusion kit yet! Activate, infuse, and bake a variety of sweet classic stoner treats in your Nova unit: no kitchen required. In honor of 4/20, make a classic infused Brownie, Berry High Rice Crispy Cereal Treat, and Firecracker Tart, plus chewy, infused Starburst candy treats in any space with an outlet.

What’s Included

  • Ardent Nova
  • Berry High Rice Crispy Treat Kit
  • Brownie Kit
  • Firecracker Tart Kit
  • Candy Pack

How to Use

Each individual kit allows you to decarb, infuse, and melt (or bake) directly inside the Ardent Nova or FX unit. No kitchen required. Activate your material, then infuse it into the provided coconut oil, and use it as directed inside each kit to bring your edible treats to life. Enjoy!

Compatible With

The Stoner Snack Pack is compatible with Ardent Nova or FX.

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