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Your Bread & CannaButter Bundle


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About Product

Get everything you need for effortless infusions of cannabis, hemp, and other delicious non-medicated herbs in any space with an outlet! The Ardent FX holds four ounces of plant material at a time, with options to decarboxylate your THC, CBG, or CBD-rich material with 97-100% precision activation in each cycle. Then, infuse into butters, oils, milks, creams, and more using the Infuse setting, and even bake inside the device using the Bake setting to make edibles and beyond without a proper kitchen required. 

Also get your hands on the upgraded Infusion Press, our best-selling accessory, to strain the spent material from every last drop of your infusions without the mess. The easy-to-use lever is effortless to press down on for those with mobility issues, where cheesecloths, coffee filters, and other straining methods cannot compare. The enhanced easy-pour spout ensures every precious bit of your infusion makes it into your storage container. 

Finish off the experience with the Ardent Infusion Mold: an air-tight, silicone mold with 4 cavities to separate and store multiple infusions with indicators measuring each tablespoon for precise dosing. The Infusion Mold fits 4 standard sticks of butter and can be stored in the fridge, freezer, or out on the counter. Extend the shelf life of your infusions with this proper storage solution.

How to Use

Decarboxylate, infuse, and bake to perfection with the Ardent FX! To activate THC-rich (or CBG-rich) material, place your flower, kief, concentrates, stems, trim, etc. inside the unit on the A1 setting for a full cycle. To activate CBD-rich material, begin the A2 setting instead. When it’s time to infuse your desired medium (ghee, butter, oil, milk, cream, and more), simply pour over the decarbed material, covering it entirely, and begin an infusion cycle. 

Once your infusion cycle is complete, replace the FX lid with the Infusion Press, pressing the lever down firmly until the raffinate is separated from the infusion. Pour your strained infusion out into each cavity of the opened Infusion Mold using the Infusion Press’ mess-free spout. 

Refrigerate, freeze, or leave your infusions out inside the Infusion Mold. Depending on the infusion medium used, the infusion may solidify under cooler conditions, where it can be ejected from the mold by pressing up from beneath the outer cavity of the mold. 

Use your infusions to make edibles, topicals, sublinguals, capsules, suppositories and more!