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Gen 2 FX Infusion Press
Gen 2 FX Infusion Press

About Product

Our Ardent Ghee is a 100% grass-fed, Non-GMO, organic infusion medium made from unsalted sweet cream butter sustainably sourced in Lancaster, PA. Ghee is clarified butter, meaning that any excess water and milk solids in the butter have been removed, both extending the shelf life and enhancing the flavor. Ghee has anti-inflammatory properties, due to being high in butyrate, which also helps with digestion, immune system, and colon functions. Ghee is also suitable for those who are sensitive to lactose. Also, due to a high smoke point (485 F,) our ghee is the perfect alternative to butters and cooking oils of all kinds.

How to Use

Remove the FX or Nova lid, then insert the desired amount of material inside the unit and place the cover(s) back on top before beginning your decarb cycle. With the Nova, press the single button interface, or with the FX, choose A1 to activate THC and CBG-rich material and  A2 to activate CBD-rich material. After the decarb cycle is complete, pour your ghee over top, and begin the infusion process by running a second Nova cycle or running the FX’s Infuse setting.

Once complete, remove infusion from device and strain. If using the Infusion Press, replace the FX lid with the press to easily separate out the raffinate from the usable, infused oil without any loss. Pour the strained ghee infusion into the Infusion Mold, and place inside the freezer, fridge, or room-temperature countertop or shelf.

Compatible With

Any Ardent device and infusion accessory, and usable with infused or non-infused crafts and kitchen projects of all kinds.