Caramel Apple Story

Caramel Apple Story

A Perfect Fall Treat, Just Add Apples!

As the weather grows cold and the days become shorter all of the fall treats begin to appear. Here at Ardent, one of our favorite indulgences is crisp, sticky infused caramel apples. As soon as we got to work on our autumn edible kits, we knew caramel apples would be on the list!.

Our kits aren’t about stressing in the kitchen - it’s easy to be an edible culinary success! Our luxurious, thick caramel sauce is delicious and easy to work with. All-natural and gluten free, our caramel is crafted on Vermont heritage family farms, and pack a mature and complex flavor to please the discerning adult palette.

Our caramel sauce is a homage to the succulent dessert cajeta. This golden caramel sauce is ubiquitous in Mexican desserts, particularly in the colder months and during holidays. Complex with light tang it is perfectly, but not overly, sweet, with none of the cloying, artificial sweetness common in many commercial caramel sauces.

Cajeta’s delicious complexity is due to the goat’s milk which is essential to its creation. Goat’s milk provides the light tang which counteracts the sweetness of the sauce. The high heat tolerance of goat’s milk also allows for perfect caramelization of the pure cane sugar in the sauce. New England is home to some of the best creameries in the world, where goats are free to roam the plains. Their varied, natural diet produces a thick, delicious milk unlike the homogenized product found on store shelves. We used this delicious local milk to produce a caramel sauce to rival any we’ve ever tried.

Our kits are designed to provide wonderful experiences for our community, and let others know how simple and easy it is to access the power of the plant. Decarboxylation technology means the amount of cannabis required to make an edible is now incredibly small, leading to an end product that costs less and tastes better. With Nova, it’s possible to infuse our delicious sauce without affecting the perfect flavors found in this handcrafted treat.

Our Caramel Apple Infusion Kit, contains everything you need to infuse and create your own unique autumn treats.

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