How to Use the Ardent Vessel

What is the Ardent Vessel?

ardent fx vessel

The Ardent Vessel is an Infusion Sleeve and stash jar in one handy, stainless steel unit. It’s light enough to be used as a stabilizer when weighing plant material or ingredients on kitchen scales and easily slides into the FX for mess-free decarb and infusion. The airtight lid and light-sensitive nature make the Vessel the perfect addition to your cannabis kitchen arsenal. Pick up a vessel alone or in one of our bundle deals this launch weekend only!!


Plus, like the FX, the Vessel is dishwasher safe and can be stored in cabinets, on countertops, or in the fridge and freezer. For storage: the Vessel can be used to hold plant material including flower, stems, kief, sugar leaf, and concentrates prior to or after decarboxylation. It can also hold butter, oil, ghee, and alcohol infusions pre or post-strain, or even just raffinate from past infusions.


Lastly, the inconspicuous Vessel can also store finished products like salve, edibles, capsules, and more, without the threat of pests and environmental elements, and keeps infused foods separated from the rest of your kitchen to prevent accidental dosing. Ready to get started? Check out our videos below on how to use the Ardent Vessel to create and store both cannabutter and cannasugar!

ardent vessel
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