Ardent’s Favorite Black-Owned Cannabis Brands

According to Greenwood, a Black-owned financial institution, it’s thought that collectively, Black American consumers gross over a trillion dollars, while just around 2% of that income ends up being reinvested into Black communities. The Black dollar also circulates significantly less far than it does in other communities: and we’re talking mere hours versus a few weeks at a time!

Ardent is proud to be a Black woman-owned company. NBC News noted that our Founder & CEO, Shanel Lindsay, “is one of a few Black women to lead a company in the multibillion dollar cannabis industry.”

As Black History Month comes to an end this week, we ask you to resolve to put your hard earned dollars behind Black-owned companies all year. We compiled a list of our absolute favorite Black-owned brands, and encourage you to check them out on your journey through conscious consumerism.

1. Equitable Opportunities Now (EON)

In addition to her work at Ardent, Shanel Lindsay is also Co-Founder of Equitable Opportunities Now, a non-profit that has successfully fought for equitable cannabis policies for Black and Brown people disproportionately harmed by prohibition.⁠⁠

2. Viola

If you love cannabis and basketball, you’ve probably heard of Viola. Established in 2011 by 16-year NBA veteran, Al Harrington, Viola was created with patients' front-of-mind. Al convinced his grandmother to try cannabis to aid with the pain she endured from her glaucoma and diabetes diagnoses. Despite her hesitations, it worked. Her name? You guessed it: Viola.

Viola’s premium products can be found in various markets across the country. Viola’s mission “is to increase minority participation and ownership in the cannabis industry while positively impacting and reinvesting into communities most affected by the war on drugs.”

3. Saucy

Saucy is a California brand serving up elevated and savory infused condiments like BBQ sauce and balsamic vinegar. Founded by Tess Melody, the healthy infused condiment brand with Texas roots believes that “social equity, access to resources, visibility and inclusivity bridges gaps in society and positively affects change for all marginalized groups.”

4. Hybrid

Co-Founded and led by Nadir Pearson, the brand’s Chief Innovation Officer, Hybrid is home to the cannabis industry’s best and most up-to-date 420 product drop calendar. After launching in 2021, Hybrid has quickly become cannabis culture’s premier destination for the most exclusive products, accessories, and experiences.


HOMEBODY makes self-care cool. Sold in major mainstream retail stores and e-commerce sites like Ulta and Revolve, HOMEBODY offers approachable solutions to those new to hemp, or those looking to treat themselves with something chic and cozy. They focus on making herbal bath products that assist with pain management and use high-quality sun grown holistic herbs and food grade active ingredients.

6. Josephine & Billie’s

Los Angeles’ premiere cannabis speakeasy, Josephine & Billie’s, celebrates Black contributions to cannabis culture every day of the year. Founder, Whitney Beatty, created the unique dispensary and consumption lounge in the spirit of teapads, which, popular in the 20s and 30s, were safe, comfortable spaces for Black cannabis consumers to enjoy good music and smoke together. Named after the legendary Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday, Beatty and COO Ebony Anderson have built something truly legendary for the cannabis community.

7. Black Plant Chick

Jade is the Atlanta-based founder and cultivator of Black Plant Chick, a popular Instagram account and podcast. She shares her plant stories through soothing and educational storytelling, and is one of the leading Black "plant-fluencers". Featured on national media outlets including House Beautiful and Refinery29, Jade links plant parenthood with generational healing, affirmations, and community building.

8. 024

Gena Surphlis is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 024™, a home fragrance brand offering luxury candles that target and neutralize the cannabis smell. Gena first began crafting the idea of what would become 024™ when her son, who suffers from sickle cell anemia, causing great amounts of pain, came to her with a plan to stop taking prescription pain medicine and switch to cannabis as a way to more naturally treat his pain. His major concern, the stigma that often goes along with a lingering cannabis smell on clothes, in his apartment, etc.

024™ was built on the basis that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, without stigma. 024™'s patented NeuAir™ technology targets and neutralizes cannabis airborne molecules and replaces them with our specially formulated alluring and immersive fragrances.

9. Devon Blow

Devon Blow is a brilliant illustrator and designer with a focus on social justice. A champion for Black and neurodivergent excellence, Devon founded What’s Good, Homegirl?! and Black Girls Who Art to make her own art and art by other Black women more accessible in-person and online.

Illustration by Devon Blow

10. Copper House

Detroit’s premiere Bud & Breakfast is a business rooted in activism, equity, and community. Founded by Jess and Cara Jackson, the Black and Queer-owned space sits in Detroit’s Northwest side, “which has the highest concentration of Black-owned businesses in the US.”

11. Dope Dinners Boston

Dope Dinners is the brainchild of husband and wife team Edgard and Anna Hunt. They specialize in curating multi-sensory personal chef experiences throughout Boston. With custom menus and dosing, they use local New England produce with major influence coming from Edgard’s Caribbean roots. Check out the jerk spice rub recipe they created for us last year!

12. Zyn Wellness

Zyn Wellness’ mission is to provide high-quality topicals focused on relieving the pain and stress associated with everyday life. Zyn Wellness is positioned at the cornerstone of canna-wellness, community and advocacy. As a luxury cannabis topicals supplier, Zyn Wellness keeps marginalized communities at the forefront of their efforts, ensuring that the products not only help those adversely affected by the "war on drugs", but everyone in all communities.

Ardent is an ecommerce business, which means you can support and shop no matter where you're located. Visit the Ardent website to purchase your own Ardent Nova or Ardent FX device and to learn more about Shanel's story.⁠⁠

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