Cannabis & Yoga


Cannabis and exercise go hand in hand, and yoga is no exception! Whether you’re consuming cannabis before, during, or after practicing, Ardent technology is here to help elevate your experience.

As your body naturally produces “bliss molecule” cannabinoids from flowing it out, you’ll match the feeling with the maximum potential of your herb. Here are a few other ideas for easily enhancing your sesh:

  • Roll out your yoga mat, move your body and breath, and practice 108 sun salutations. (Traditionally, saluting the sun like this is reserved for the change of the seasons.) Flow it out to the Ardent Yoga Playlist on Spotify.
  • Practice outdoors. Want to practice being even more present? Turn it into a mindful walking meditation.
  • We *highly* recommend reading Finding Your Higher Self: Your Guide to Cannabis for Self-Care by Sophie Saint Thomas.
  • Write out a list of reflections in solitude and set new intentions for the rest of 2022.


Elevate Your Sesh with Ardent

We’ve rounded out some recommended ways to integrate cannabis into your yoga practice. The best part? All of the below products can be made at home using your Ardent FX or Mini!

Skin Salve

An infused skin salve blend is ideal for achy joints and muscles, while also helping with dryness. Customize your topical by adding your favorite therapeutic essential oils such as arnica, peppermint, and capsaicin, to your preference. Perfect for post-flow relaxation!


Infused capsules are a wonderful way to microdose, since it’s a familiar dosing mechanism to vitamins, supplements, and even pharmaceuticals. Cannabis-infused capsules can be made with leftover raffinate from oil infusions, which is a zero-waste way to make the most of your material while adding an extra layer of bioavailability. Plain, decarbed bud can also be ground and stuffed into capsules, and the bioavailability can come from any foods consumed around the same time containing oil or fat, or experienced on its own. Lastly, you can also make a coconut or MCT oil infusion, and drop a bit into one side of the capsule using the tincture dropper for precision.


For a non-alcoholic tincture, make an MCT oil infusion inside your Ardent device. Pour it into a tincture bottle for easy, discreet sublingual dosing. For more efficiency and the ultimate zen, put the infusion under your tongue before your yoga class. Compared to smoking, this requires smaller amounts of cannabis for the same effect, as more of the active cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. Most importantly, sublingual administration allows for accurate dosing, ensuring that you retain control.

Infused Bath Bombs

As simple as they are fun, CBD, THC, or CBG-infused bath bombs deliver cannabinoids to the body through its largest organ, the skin, providing relief to every achy, tired part. Learn how to make easy Ardent-infused bath bombs with sweet almond oil on our blog. Tip: Always label homemade products meticulously!

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