7 DIY Gifts Handmade with Ardent Technology

Easy Handmade Gifts

Although it’s always a good time to honor mom, let’s make her feel extra special this month. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our Ardent community!

If you’re stumped on gift ideas, Ardent’s all-in-one precision decarboxylation, infusion, and baking technology makes for a perfect present, especially alongside one of our delicious edible kits. Talk about instant gratification! Check out our bundles page here.

If you’re on a tighter budget, or just want to do the heavy lifting for mom, without her lifting a finger, check out our infused DIY gift ideas for mom below that can all be made with the help of Ardent technology.

Massage Candles

Candles are great and all, but have you ever used a candle that allows you to pour the warmed wax on your hands and body after you’re finished burning it, for an extra relaxing moment of self-care? Now, what if we told you that your massage oil candle could be infused? Yup! Stock up on ingredients like wicks, wick holders, shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter, soy wax, sweet almond oil (or the oil of your choosing,) and your mom’s favorite essential oils, to make an incredible infused massage candle for mom. Nomi of Nomster Nailz showed us her method, using a double boiler, but you can actually make the infused massage candle right inside the Ardent FX from start to finish. No kitchen or studio space required! The FX Single Lifter is also a huge help here, as it lets you insert and remove your candle from the FX’s core without spills or uneven wax setting.

Skin Salve

If your mom suffers from achy joints and muscles, or just dryness, it might be time to gift her a custom infused skin salve blend, made with her favorite scents to give her the relief she’s looking for! If for some reason, your mother is unable to have contact with full-spectrum products (containing trace amounts of THC) for work or health purposes, despite the lack of psychoactive effects it has when absorbed topically, or, if you need to keep the smell much more discreet, feel free to use an isolate, as demonstrated by Cody Lindsay in our blog here.

Whoopie Pies

If you’re seeing mom IRL this year, whether you’re having high tea, brunch, or just celebrating with a home-cooked meal, prepare some THC or CBD-infused whoopie pies to brighten her day. If you recently tried our classic whoopie pies for Pi Day, switch things up with a springtime lemon blueberry version. Plus, you can use up that leftover buttermilk from our from-scratch cannabutter recipes!


Infused capsules are a wonderful way to introduce a canna-curious mom to the world of edibles and microdosing, since it’s a familiar dosing mechanism to vitamins, supplements, and even pharmaceuticals. Cannabis-infused capsules can be made with leftover raffinate from oil infusions, which is a zero-waste way to make the most of your material while adding an extra layer of bioavailability. Plain, decarbed bud can also be ground and stuffed into capsules, and the bioavailability can come from any foods consumed around the same time containing oil or fat, or experienced on its own. Lastly, you can also make a coconut or MCT oil infusion, and drop a bit into one side of the capsule using the tincture dropper for precision.


If your mom enjoys mixed drinks, she might be into a cannabis tincture, which can be created with a strong grain alcohol base like Everclear in a cold infusion. Please never heat alcohol inside an oven, crockpot, or your Ardent device, as it gets put at risk for combustion. Cannabis tincture, or green dragon, can also be used to make cannasugar, which is another lovely gift idea. During the cannasugar making process, the alcohol from the green dragon evaporates and the cannabis molecule remains attached to the sugar. If your mom loves coffee, gift her the beans, grounds, pods, or cups she enjoys with a side of cannasugar to elevate her morning cup.

If your mom likes to keep a non-alcoholic tincture around, make an MCT oil infusion inside your Ardent device and pour it into a tincture bottle for easy, discreet sublingual dosing.

Infused Bath Bombs

As simple as they are fun, CBD, THC, or CBG-infused bath bombs deliver cannabinoids to the body through its largest organ, the skin, providing relief to every achy, tired part. Bath bombs aren’t psychoactive for men, but women may experience psychoactivity through vaginal absorption, so keep that in mind when including THC in your final product, and always label homemade products meticulously. Learn how to make easy Ardent-infused bath bombs with sweet almond oil on our blog.

Hot Cocoa Bombs

Winter might be over, but the hot cocoa bomb trend is far from finished. We’ve even seen people start creating more appropriately seasoned tea bombs using isomalt to get a see-through globe shape. In a cute coffee mug, an infused cup of something warm is always a great gift. Learn how to make them here.

What’re you making for the special mother figure in your life? Tag us in your DIY gift creations on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page!

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