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What Is Decarboxylation

What Is Decarboxylation? Why Does It Matter For Cannabis?

Using cannabis as a medicine begins with understanding the basic...

  • 02 Dec 2019

Cold Extraction With Ethyl Alcohol For Topicals

Did you know you can make potent infusions without any heat at all...

  • 04 Oct 2019

Easy Coconut Oil Extraction/Infusion With Velvet Purp

We are so happy at the incredible response our community has had to...

  • 01 Jul 2019



  • 17 Nov 2017

Suffering with a chronic condition?

What is a chronic condition Any health issue that causes distress, pain or suffering for more than three months In states where medical cannabis is legal, the state will list qualifying (often chronic)...

  • 17 Jan 2016

Oven Decarb Doesn’t Work! The Science Proves It

The solutions that currently exist for patients wishing to decarb all fall short of full THC activation Not only are they complicated and labor intensive, they make accuracy all but impossible The result is fluctuations in strength and potency of medicine that can have detrimental effects on patients  Before discussing how patients can...

  • 11 Jan 2016
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