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Make your favorite products for
just pennies

Activate & infuse flower, kief, or concentrates.

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Place cannabis flower, kief, or concentrate inside (there is no minimum amount!)

Press the button for no-smell activation or infusion of THC or CBD

Mix with food, lotions, or any other product to make accurate & affordable therapies

The ONLY Precision Decarboxylation
and Infusion Device


Quiet and odorless with one-button-easy, accurate decarboxylation & infusion


Saves so much material (and money!) by utilizing every bit of THC and CBD with a full decarb, every time


One touch, mess free infusion of oils, butters, and more


Prepare your own oral, sublingual and topical therapies right at home for pennies


Make strain-specific treats – taste and feel the difference


Get the exact effect and potency that’s right for you.


So simple that ANYONE can be an instant expert.

Benefits of Ardent NOVA Decarboxylator

At Ardent Cannabis, we spent years in the lab working to create a simple process to decarb marijuana. The goal was to ensure a perfect decarb each time with the press of a button.

If you want to decarb your cannabis and get the most efficient infusion of butters or oils, we recommend purchasing the best in home decarboxylator. Decarbing continues to grow in popularity as cannabis becomes culturally accepted for medical and recreational purposes.

When you use the NOVA precision decarbing tool, the entire process becomes enjoyable. Regardless of your preferred method of consumption you can rest assured that your decarbed product is at it’s highest quality possible.

Learn more about the science of decarboxylation here.

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