Wake and Bake

Stop wasting plant material.

Get a full decarb and infusion

every time with the Ardent FX. Use the coupon code: WAKEANDBAKE for $30 off our new Nova FX Decarboxylator


Save money.

Save Time.

Stretch Your Stash.

Cannabis Infusions Made Simple

Decarboxylation and infusion used to be a grand mystery, but here at Ardent, we’ve put a stop to that. With our lab tested decarboxylators and infusers, you’ll be able to make the healthiest and most cost effective products in your own kitchen without needing a degree in chemistry.

By making your own infusions with the FX, you could save thousands of dollars on dispensary edibles and hundreds of dollars on failed experiments. With just the push of a button, you can activate, infuse and bake with cannabinoids like THC, CBD and CBG and take your health into your own hands. BUY NOW

Introducing… The Ardent FX

An all-in-one tool designed to decarboxylate, infuse and bake your plant material or concentrates into the products and recipes that you love. The Flex was lab tested, so you can trust that you’re making the most out of your plant material with just the push of a button. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPtqnOwM-40



500+ Reviews

It's ALWAYS just right!

We adore our ardent decarboxylator. So easy! No smell! Works the same every time with no guessing. Just measure, load, and it’s ready to use. What did we do without it? I’ll tell you… We over and under cooked! Like the 3 Little Bears, this way is always JUST RIGHT! 5 STARS! Conrad C.

Great device, use it routinely!

This saves me money now that I get 100% of the active ingredient. Cannot go back to wasting plants or money by burning either again! Scott B.

Absolutely PERFECT

Way to go guys. I've ruined several OZs of good medicine in the past, before I started to use your decarboxylator. Easy to use, awesome product. Marc N.

“Don’t waste any more time or money on failed experiments”

We understand that the world of cannabis is filled with confusion and misinformation. That’s why we did the testing for you and created the FX to make sure no one ever had to struggle with making their own medicine again. No matter what you want to make (edibles, infusions, tinctures, or topicals), the FX is the easiest and most effective method out there.
Insert Turn On Wait Consume 1

Insert Cannabis

Run 1 odorless decarboxylation cycle and fully activate THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids from flower or concentrates. Decarboxylate as little as 1 gram or as much as 4oz at a time

Turn it On

Run the infuse cycle for 1 hour or longer (as preferred) and fully extract your activated cannabinoids into oil or butter.

Strain, Bake and Clean.

You can bake directly in the FX’s stainless steel cavity. And after your creations are complete, just remove the FX from it’s base and put it in the dishwasher for easy clean up.





4x bigger than the Nova with separate settings for THC, CBD, infusing and baking all of your favorite edibles right inside.




Full activation of THC and CBD in your flower, kief or concentrates.


Ardent’s Funnel Strainer


Just like decarbing, Ardent believes infusing should be easy, mess-free and fun. Frainer solves all of the problems with current straining methods and lets you create clean, potent oils without creating a dirty kitchen.


Do you have a warranty?

Our decarboxylators have a 1-year warranty, and our food kits are final sale. For more information check out ardentcannabis.com/warranty/

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! Simply select your country when checking out. Please be aware that all customs fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the customer. Ardent does not take responsibility for customs charges incurred. Once a package is in the possession of a customs department, Ardent has no way to locate the shipment or intervene in any manner. For more information, contact your country’s customs department.

Do I need an electrical converter outside of the U.S.?

Our current Precision Decarboxylator is US 110v and 90 watts and requires a step-down converter to work on 220v (standard us hertz). We highly recommend buying a good quality converter.

How long does it take to ship?

Our regular shipping option takes 2-3 weeks, and the expedited option takes 1 week.

Does decarbing cannabis make it more potent when you go to smoke it?

Yes, it increases cannabinoid availability for smoking or vaping.

So it’s a small oven that gets hot enough to decarb your flowers so you can eat them straight?

Yes, but unlike an oven it uses a perfect heating arc to decarb right every time. Flower is instantly edible and patients can make sublingual packs and topicals too.

How much can it decarb at a time?

1/4 to 1 ounce of flower (depending on the density of the bud) or 3-5oz of kief.

Do you need to break up the bud to expose more surface area to allow the inside of the nug to be decarbed as well?

The NOVA™ design maintains a decarb zone with precise, even heat distribution that surrounds and penetrates the buds, so in the plant material there’s no need to disturb the buds prior to decarbing. If it’s a particularly dense nug, you could break it down into a few smaller pieces but no need to crush and disturb trichomes by grinding.

How big is it?

7.5″ x 4″

Can you decarb concentrate?

Yes, you’ll want to put it in a silicone canister first.

How long does it take to decarb?

A complete cycle with cool down is approximately 90 minutes to two hours.

How does it affect terpenes?

The NOVA™ uses the lowest possible temp for decarb while still maintaining the max amount of terps. The container is airtight preventing escape.

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