Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit Story

Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit Story

Master Infusion With An Award Winning Oil

Olive oil is one of the oldest manufactured cooking oils, and it remains one of the most popular. It has an exceptionally high smoke point, which makes it suitable for high temperature tasks like browning meat and sauteing vegetables. It has a bold and pleasant flavor, which can carry a vinaigrette or marinade without many other ingredients. Besides being delicious, olive oil has been shown to provide a seemingly endless list of health benefits, ranging from heart and artery health to cholesterol reduction and extraordinary anti inflammatory properties. When we decided to add an infusion kit to the line of Ardent products, we knew that a top-tier olive oil was the infusing oil we wanted to share with our customers.

Many people think they cannot tell the difference between a high-quality olive oil and the yellow liquid sold in clear glass bottles at the local grocery store. Our Estate Oil is here to change your mind. This rich, green oil is made from olives grown in Grecian soil, picked at their peak ripeness in the early weeks of November. They’re pressed using traditional heat-free methods to ensure that the peppery tones of the fruit are not damaged. This care ensures that every bottle of our award winning oil provides the robust flavor which can only result from olives which were perfectly grown, pressed, and aged. After reviewing the oil's test results, we were thrilled to find that their careful production methods also result in extremely high levels of many of the antioxidants and phytonutrients which make olive oil such a healthy dietary choice.

This kit includes everything you need to produce a highly potent oil rich with nutrients which reduce inflammation, fight aging, and taste absolutely delicious. This robust olive oil is flavorful enough to use as dipping oil, yet light enough to make a delicious zucchini cake. The precision decarboxylation capacity of the Nova Lift allows even a total novice to infuse their herb or concentrate at levels which rival any product available for sale in stores and dispensaries. The infusion process is so efficient, that you can produce this potent oil using less flower than you’d roll into a typical joint! This kit contains everything you need to turn your Ardent decarboxylator into a professional grade, at-home infusion device. Get your kit today and add a delicious Mediterranean flavor to your medicating.

Add a Luxurious Twist to Your Meal With Infused Black Truffle Oil

It’s exciting to find treats that are healthy AND delicious. The benefits of olive oil are extraordinary, ranging from reducing hypertension to reducing inflammation. Well-grown and processed olive oil contains beneficial antioxidants and phytonutrients, so when we decided to make an olive oil infusion kit, we paired with an award winning Greek family vineyard with generations of experience producing the healthiest, most flavorful oils available.

Use this kit to make infusing and dosing easy and delicious.

Our Koroneiki Varietal Estate Oil, is exactly what you’re looking for. Robust and flavorful, this zippy oil has all the spice we expect from a fresh, well-processed oil. This traditional oil is blended with black truffles to create an out of this world experience for your palate.

You’ll notice that just the right amount of rich black truffle flavor pushes through, creating the perfect balance of peppery olive oil and musky truffle flavor. The spicy fruit notes of this first-batch oil allow the truffle flavor to dominate without ever being overwhelming. Even gourmands who are wary of truffle oils will find something to love in this decadent infusion.

What’s in the Box?

Ardent Infusion Sleeve

This custom silicone sleeve slips right into your Ardent Lift to ensure maximum efficiency infusion. It’s Ardent purple, dishwasher safe, and made of 100% FDA-approved, food-grade silicone. It’s the perfect size to hold the included olive oils and doubles as a great place to decarboxylate your concentrates.

Koroneiki Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This flavorful olive oil is crafted exclusively from Koroneiki Olive Varietals grown in the sandy soil of Grecian orchards. This is a traditional oil suited for everyday use, with enough pepper and ‘bite’ to stand alone as a dipping oil.

Truffle Oil

The richness of truffles is perhaps the best possible addition to olive oil. This oil is full of undeniable truffle essence and without the excess musky flavor that can overwhelm many truffle oils. Try it mixed into mayo for an exceptional hamburger, or whip it into a foie gras mousse if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Wooden Stirring Spoon

Olive oil is acidic, and even brief contact with metal implements can alter its flavor profile. We’ve included a convenient wooden stirring spoon to ensure you have the best possible experience with these delicious olive oils.

Infuse this oil and add it to food once it has finished cooking. It is is perfect to drizzle lightly over soup, whip into a hollandaise, or compound into butter to top a show-stopping steak. Infusing into finishing oil means that you can medicate at the last minute, without extensive prep work. This kit makes infusion fool-proof for experts and first timers. With less flower than you’d roll in a typical joint, you can produce enough oil to provide you and your loved ones with a variety of delicious, highly medicated meals. Expand your edibles experience and skip the dispensary with infused oils that are ready when you are.

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