Magic Shell Infusion Kit Detailed Information

Magic Shell Infusion Kit Detailed Information

What's in the Kit?

Rich dark chocolate is an excellent addition to any cold treat. Our kit comes with a bag of gourmet dark chocolate wafers that’ll come to form a tasty shell for your desserts.

The perfect finisher to an amazing dessert, these sprinkles will add color and crunch to your desserts.

Coconut oil
This kit comes with 1 oz of coconut oil to add along with your chocolate. Coconut oil adds richness to the flavor and mouthfeel without any additional coconut flavor.

Infusion Sleeve
This kit comes with Ardent’s silicon infusion sleeve allows you do infuse all types of foods and oils, plus it’s an easy clean so there’s no need to worry about the mess.

Mini funnel & Straining Screen
Mess is stress, and enjoying ice cream should be anything but stressful. Our kit comes with a funnel and straining screen for clean and easy infusing

You can use your infused magic shell in so many ways! Check out our infusion guide for more info on dosing and controlling potency and buy your Magic Shell Infusion Kit today!