What Is The Shelf Life Of Decarbed Weed? How Long Is Weed Good For?

One of the most obvious questions that comes up when you are activating cannabis to use for various products or to smoke or vape is “how long does cannabis stay fresh after decarb?” To help save time and money, people in our community want the best options for long term cannabis storage. As with most marijuana inquiries, there are many different opinions on how long you can store weed after decarboxylating before THC and CBD degrade/how long cannabis will stay potent after activation, but only the science provides reliable proof.

The results below show two different strains, one THC dominant and the other CBD, both decarbed in the NOVA and then stored in a plastic bag in a cool, dark drawer for a little under six months. Check out the results and let us know in the comments if they match your hypothesis or not!


We decarbed some Sour Apple back in June, and tested a portion of it immediately after. Analysis of the remaining batch tested six months later in early January showed no significant loss of THC during the storage period. In fact, aside from a tiny amount of CBN (a degraded form of THC that can make you groggy/helps with sleep), the two samples are nearly identical with over 19% THC (190mg of THC per gram of cannabis).

Test Results


Lilly Hill was our strain of choice for a CBD test. After 6 months, we found mild CBD degradation - a reduction of about 30 mg per gram - from 18.5% CBD in the fresh sample (185 CBD mg per gram) to 15.84% CBD (158 mg CBD per gram) in the 6 month post-decarb sample. Despite this bit of loss, there is still significant CBD in the decarbed cannabis that was stored for 6 months.

The Best Way To Store Decarbed Weed: Our Conclusion

In summary, while we recommend consuming freshly decarbed cannabis, especially when it is so easy to decarb anytime or anywhere with Ardent's decarboxylators, these latest results indicate fresh doesn’t necessarily mean best. No more wondering in worry if weed goes bad - if stored in a cool, dry and dark place, decarbed cannabis can have a more than adequate shelf life. And just like flower, you can store decarboxylated kief as well!

You may be wondering, when do you need to decarboxylate weed and then store it for awhile? Since you'll need to decarb your flower before infusing, storing your decarbed flower makes infusions on the fly even easier. Simply decarb what you'll need for the next few infusions to have it at the ready for, well... anytime!

Let us know in the comments below if the results above are consistent with your experience, and what your favorite method is for planning out your cannabis prep and intake.


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Does it last longer if you store it before decarb or after?


I have found putting it in mason jars is better than putting the decarbed product in a plastic bag…I’ve found it doesn’t dry out as fast and doesn’t degrade IMO


I decarb fresh gram everyday. Now I can decarb a half ounce and not worry about the herb spoiling. Great job


Thank you for sharing this research. What about cannabis that has not been decarbed? We grew some plants and have stored them properly but it has been almost 2 years and I wonder about the potency. Should I decarb it before I store it? I use it to make medication for my son with autism and epilepsy.

Suzanne Aranson

I’m wondering how the original, un-decarbed herb might have compared with the decarbed samples both before and after the six month storage period? Additionally, I’m wondering what the degraded components of CBD might have devolved – evolved into? That is to say, as with a fine wine, beer, or any other organic substance, how might the “aging” process detract from, or improve the aged product as compared to the original sample? Now you’ve definitely got me really wondering! Thanks!! Mik ‚úå躆á∫á¨


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