Tiny Doses, Big Focus: Psilocybin's Little Secret

Focus. It's what we're all trying to do, basically all the time. It is the solution to having more time, to having more energy, to generally getting more done in less time so you can spend as much time as possible on the things you most enjoy. It's not just you; people today have more on their plate than ever and focusing is HARD. Stressful jobs, financial challenges, families with needs, friends you want to be good to, and that's if you're lucky enough to not have medical or mental helath issues you're handling for yourself or someone else you love. And all that doesn't even take into account the fast-paced world we live in - constantly throwing information our way and expecting us to absorb, assess, move on, and repeat 🥵

Believe it or not, psilocybin is often used in micro-doses to help focus! It might seem odd at first glance because in macro-doses psilocybin can help you not focus on the world around you and just let go. But if you get that right, small dose - it can do wonders!! And without the side effects of things like high doses of caffeine and ADHD pharmaceuticals.

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The Adderall Generation

Let's talk about the elephant in the room around focus - pharmaceuticals. We'll use adderall as the example here, but we're referring to the entire category of pharmaceuticals that are prescribed for focus & ADD. It is absolutely true that there is a relatively small group of people (compared to those getting these prescriptions) who have a serious chemical imbalance and these pharmaceuticals are incredibly helpful and often necessary in their treatment. That being said, the vast majority of folks using them are likely experiencing a milder form of ADD, one that can be supported alternatively.

Many are currently talking about the adderall manufacturing shortage being experienced in this country, but what is being spoken about less is the real effects of these meds. Yes, they will get you focusing. But oh me oh my the side effects! A complete disruption to your digestive system, often resulting in ongoing pains and abnormal bowel movements. Sleep issues abound when taking an upper like this, people get moody and irritable, and that's not even mentioning the less common but more serious heart issues that can arise. I could go on (and on!), but most importantly when it comes to the goal of getting-things-done what often happens to those using these meds is that they start to not be able to get anything done without it. Dependency in a way that can leave you much, much, MUCH less productive over time. So you up the dose, increase the side effects, eventually the efficacy reduces again, and on through the cycle you go.

If we're being honest, energy drinks and the supplements that imitate them lead to very much the same pattern. And often the same disruptions to the happy life you are trying to live by increasing your productivity. So isn't there another way? You already know we've got one for you!

Psilocybin: The Way Of Future Generations

There is no doubt that as a society we are moving more and more towards natural and holistic treatment options. It's true that we're using pharmaceuticals at the highest rates in human history, but we are simultaneously (and finally!) doing more scientific research to add validity to what so many have experienced anecdotally; some of the most effective treatments for the day-to-day struggles we experience are natural and plant based.

And so, in the community forging forward with this amazing psilocybin plant medicine, there are so many that have replaced the often difficult impact of adderall and similar meds with small, micro-doses of psilocybin. And they're reporting amazing results! Most report an uptick in energy about 30 minutes after consumption, and are then able to sit and focus on the task at hand much easier. Now, it is not magic. It is not a pharmaceutical upper. It will not do the work for you. But if you are willing to work along with it, to put the structures in place to help focus happen, it will be your cheerleader and give you the support you need to stay focused.

Tips & Tricks To The Best Focus With Psilocybin

Creating associations in your brain will be a massive, and fairly easy help. Have a place, or a couple places, that mean focus to your brain. By this I mean, taking a micro-dose of mushrooms and then trying to work in front of the tv on your couch, where you are not productive already, is not going to be the answer. Psilocybin helps the brain form new pathways, so if you take your dose, and go sit at your desk with focused music. (Gerald Albright or Classical are a great place to start - but go with anything you don't listen to when you're not working!) Create an environment for yourself that means focus, and then add in this extra boost to help build that pathway in your brain.

Time of day matters. If you are most productive in the morning, then that's likely your best time to dose. If evenings are your time to shine, try it a bit later in the day. BUT do be aware, many report that the boost of energy they experience also makes it hard to sleep. Until you know how your body reacts we recommend treating it like coffee in terms of a cutoff time.

Dosing Psilocybin For Focus

Dose is everything here, so we cannot emphasize enough how important is it to start small and slowly titrate up. What is small you ask? Start with .1 of a gram. And if that doesn't do it, the next day try .2 grams. We do not recommending titrating up in the same day as the uptake time can vary widely and if you have limited experience with psilocybin you want to stay cautious and curious. It is an amazing tool, but no one wants to have too intense of an experience; it will simply make you lose faith in it for no good reason.

Unlocking the Potential with Ardent

For those interested in exploring the benefits of psilocybin, Ardent’s innovative technology provides a safe and controlled way to extract psilocybin from mushrooms. Unlike cannabinoids, psilocybin is water soluble and can be brewed into tea or extracted into water that can be used in various recipes. Extracting to get the most out of mushrooms without destroying the active compounds takes precision heating. With its dual sensors and precision heating core, Ardent tech creates psilocybin-infused teas without any hassle. That means you can focus on your therapeutic journey without any worries.

Harnessing the Benefits of Psilocybin Tea

Beyond straight consumption, extracting psilocybin into tea offers unique advantages. Consuming mushrooms straight can lead to nausea or upset stomach. Extracting into a tea can create a smoother experience in addition to the relaxing ritual that tea service provides. Tea allows for a gentler onset as well, reducing the risk of overwhelming experiences. Additionally, the warmth of the tea provides a soothing introduction to the psychedelic journey.

To brew psilocybin tea (you can also use the infused psilocybin water in recipes in addition to using as tea) place your mushroom dose into water inside the device. You can use the Vessel to hold the mixture, and you can put the mushrooms in loose or in a tea strainer if you like. Here, we used just the cap to brew two microdoses. Once the mushrooms and water are in the machine, close the lid and begin the A1 cycle. After 30 minutes, stop the cycle, remove your tea strainer, or use the Frainer to strain the mushrooms from the infused water. You can use the warm infused water in a cup of tea or incorporate it into any food or drink.

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It’s essential to approach the use of psilocybin with respect and caution. Legal regulations vary, and engaging in such practices should be done within the framework of applicable laws and under the guidance of qualified professionals. It’s crucial to be aware of the legal status of psilocybin in your region. Ardent encourages responsible use and adherence to local regulations. As the landscape of psychedelic research evolves, so do legal considerations. Stay informed and approach this journey with an understanding of the law.
In the evolving landscape of natural medicine, psilocybin stands as a beacon of promise, inviting us to reconsider our relationship with fungi and the healing potential that lies within the natural world. As research continues to unfold, the journey into the realms of psilocybin may hold keys to unlocking the doors of mental well-being and self-discovery.

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