The Official Ardent Guide to Mess-Free Edibles & Topicals

How do I make edibles mess-free and easy?

You've come to the right place for learning how to make mess-free edibles. We get plenty of questions from curious cannabis consumers asking how they can optimize their edible, topical, and tincture making experience without the mess. After all, when it’s time to wind down after a long day, who has the time to pull out all the necessary kitchen equipment, get it dirty and then clean it just to make a batch of edibles or topicals?

As promised, find our detailed guide to cannabis kitchen DIY without sacrificing your free time on cleanup below.

The instant edible is an easy way to make edibles!

The Instant Edible

One of the most mess-free and convenient ways to make edibles is by sprinkling decarbed bud directly over your food before consuming. Instant edibles save time and keep the mess to a minimum - so try it right on your takeout or bake it right into your home cooked meals. Adding a little oil to boost absorption is a good idea, and one of the biggest advantages of instant edibles is being able to skip that infusion step. It's a lot faster to add decarbed bud and oil to a dish than it is to first infuse into that oil and then use the infused oil in a recipe.

Want an extremely easy (and mess-free) edibles througout the day? Visit our Day to Night Instant Edibles Blog. and see howe we used different cannabinoid blends througout the day to elevate all of our meals. Yum!


The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve

Whether you have an Ardent Mini or an Ardent FX or original Ardent Nova, there’s a Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve that can minimize cleanup from your decarboxylations and infusions. The Concentrate and Infusion Sleeves fits inside the Mini or Nova's inner canister to prevent getting the machine sticky during concentrate decarb or when you're infusing into oil, butter, ghee and other bases.

The FX Sleeve fits perfectly inside the FX’s inner canister and is used the same way; plus, it has holes on both ends that operate as handles for easy removal from the unit. The sleeves are FDA-approved, food-grade, BPA-free silicone that is also perfect for baking. Since the sleeve has some bend, you can pour out infused oils easily without any spills.

Do you need the sleeve to operate your unit? No. Is it useful? Absolutely.

The Lifter (for FX or Nova)

Compatible exclusively with the Ardent FX, the Lifter is an accessory designed to keep your butterfingers from fumbling the cake, infusion, or decarbed bud that you’re trying to remove from your unit.

Effortlessly lift it out of the FX or Nova without the fear of spilling. Get the Beta FX Lifter or Nova Lifter bundles for a limited time! Each comes with membership to Ardent's Beta Owners Group, where you get first access and exclusive discounts all year long.

The Infusion Press

Compatible exclusively with the Ardent FX, the Infusion Press is an easy solution to straining out raffinate from oil infusions. After the infusion cycle is complete simply replace the FX lid with the Infusion Press, and push the lever down to separate the plant material from the usable infusion.

Then, easily pour your infusion out into the container of your choice out of the Press’ spout. No need for coffee filters, tea bags, and cheesecloths. Straining is easier than ever before!

Washing the FX in the Dishwasher

Though the Ardent Nova should be cleaned by removing the inner canister and being wiped down by hand, the Ardent FX has a removable power base, and can actually be cleaned in the dishwasher. Check out our video on the differences between the Nova and FX to see how they’re taken apart for cleaning.

What are your hacks for keeping your cannabis laboratory neat and clean? Tag us on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page.

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