The Cannabis Gift Guide, for Adventurous Users Only

The NOVA is a neat little gadget that would an awesome addition to the kitchen of any cannabis enthusiast. This purple device that's hardly larger than a thermos perfectly decarbs cannabis without a hint of weed smell in an hour. Decarboxylation is the process of activating the cannabinoids in your bud so they'll have more effect when added to homemade edibles or topicals. If you've ever tried this at home, you know it can make your whole apartment building reek of weed because you have to put your bud in the oven on a low temp for an hour. Not to mention, legal cannabis products are pricey, so if you know someone that needs edibles, tinctures or topicals, with this gift, they'll be able to make their own at home. Honestly, just get one of these bad boys for yourself and then you can easily make your friends and family weed gifts, like tea bags or weed infused rum, and become everyone's favorite secret Santa.

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