Fast Friends: A Stoner Speed Social Event By Ardent

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Ardent is hosting our first Stoner Speed Social on February 10th at 7:30 pm EST. RSVP here.

Whether you're just looking for new pals to share your love of cannabis with, or if you’re exploring your options, Ardent is looking to make this Valentine’s Day last all year by BUDDING some new relationships.

How it Works

At the event, you’ll be matched with another person in the Ardent community (who already has a lifestyle in common with you,) not specific to age, gender, or geographic location. You’ll have 2 minute increments to get to know each other over all things weed, and if you both want to “match,” (by selecting the green match button in the top right corner during the 1:1 session) you’ll get each other's email address to continue the conversation. If you missed a match, you can set this after the live event ends!

Throughout the event, you can meet as many as a few dozen new people! There’s 30 seconds between each speed meet, which allows you to stretch, grab a drink of water, or even rip your bong. If there’s an odd number of people, one participant will be placed in a waiting room for 2 minutes before the next match. Don’t worry - you’ll be entertained with Ardent YouTube videos in the waiting room!

If for any reason you want to discontinue your participation in our speed social, simply exit out of the window. If you get disconnected for any reason, just open the unique link and you will be ushered into a waiting room until the next matching.

How to Join

Sign up for the event here. Use only your first name if you want to keep your last name sensitive. Watch your email for an exclusive link that lets you join. Everyone’s link will be different, so keep these event emails handy! Add to your address book to ensure the event emails don’t go to spam.

Here’s what you can ask and answer during your 1:1 sessions:

It’s been a while since we’ve been out at parties, clubs, and kickbacks. Even for those with multiple virtual meetings every day, social interaction has started to feel a bit frightening! Jump back into the swing of things with these easy-to-break-the-ice questions, so there’s no awkward silences in between your 2 minute meet:

  • What’s your preferred consumption method?
  • Do you have any pets? Do they use CBD?
  • What’s your edible tolerance?
  • What’s your all time favorite strain to smoke or vape?
  • Do you have a favorite terpene?
  • What age did you start consuming cannabis?
  • Do you live in a legal state?
  • Have you ever been to an IRL cannabis event? Which one(s)?
  • What’s your favorite song/album to listen to when stoned?
  • Where is your all time favorite location to sesh in?
  • What’s your favorite item to make inside your Ardent device?
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