S'mores Easy Home Recipe Ft. Decarbed Concentrate

Some of us are outdoorsy, and the rest of us would rather stay home without the bugs and wild animals, but we can all still partake in the nostalgia and fun that comes with s'mores and other camping foods. To really make things extra special, as usual, we're adding that special element to make it medicated - THC! Are you ready for campfire (or campfire style) snacks? Say no s'more. All you need is a power source!

Bring some wax for this one: these Ardent activated s'mores use concentrate, so they're plenty strong and don't require you to eat more than one if you're watching your sugar. It's also a great reminder that you aren't required to infuse into butter or an oil to make edibles, whether you're using concentrates or just flower. As soon as you decarb your plant material you can put it right into your food - no second step needed. Concentrates like rosin, wax, budder, shatter and live resin are all so easy to activate and spread. Be careful - at over 700mg of THC on average in each gram after decarb, you MUST make sure you don't go overboard.

If you aren't activating with Nova or FX yet, you're missing out - grab the precision activation technology that turns your spare flower, kief and concentrates into fun and valuable therapies.

Home Tip: Instead of using the campfire to toast these bad boys up, grab a torch -- dabbers, we know you DEFINITELY have one tucked away somewhere :) Second home alternative? A quick minute open-faced in the toaster oven or air fryer will also do the trick.

Zesty Infused Anytime Beans

Another great camping food is beans! They're filling, nutritious, and ultra-portable. The best part is that you can save space by soaking them overnight in the FX's 4x larger chamber, and then cook them right in the very same unit.

BBQ Sauce

Portable grill? Icy cooler? The campsite is waiting! Smother meats, burgers, hot dogs, and other delicious meals in our infused bbq sauce for a tangy (ultra relaxing) addition to any food.

If you're heading to the campgrounds, pack your precision activator for easy, simple meals and snacks - infused or uninfused, it's up to you.

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