How to Make Weed Popcorn (Edible Marijuana Potcorn Recipe)

Seeking a snack for movie night? Look no further. This potcorn recipe uses buttery and delicious infused ghee to elevate a classic snack. Ghee is shelf stable, so you can infuse a big batch to enjoy marijuana potcorn on demand. (Note: You can also absolutely use cannabutter! Ghee offers a bit more flexibility and is lactose free, too.)

Here's How to Make Weed Popcorn

While there are many ways to pop corn, from the microwave to the air popper, we love the stove top method for a rich, buttery bowl. By using plenty of oil to fry the kernels, you end up with a super crunchy and flavorful bite. They also are less prone to sogginess, and stay fresher longer than other methods. No styrofoam texture here! Let's get on and learn how to make weed popcorn to die for!

Potcorn Recipe Details

Difficulty level: Easy
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
** Extra time needed for activation and infusion. See our infusion guide*

Marijuana Popcorn Recipe Ingredients

½ cup Popcorn kernels
3 Tbsp. Oil (neutral, such as canola, sunflower, safflower)
3 Tbsp. Infused Ghee
Optional toppings such as nutritional yeast, grated cheese, spices
Serves 4

You’ll also need…
½ gram starting material**
Large pot with lid (ideally a dutch oven, something with good heat conductivity and a heavy lid and plenty of room for the popped corn)
*See our dosing guide so you can decide how much cannabis to add to the infusion.

Directions to make Weed Popcorn

  1. Activate your flower in the NOVA Lift. Remove your activated material and slide the infusion sleeve into NOVA Lift’s inner canister. Place your ghee and activated cannabis into the sleeve and run it for a second cycle to infuse. You’ll want to use about ¼ cup of ghee to make enough for this recipe.
  2. Once the infusion cycle is complete, strain the ghee. You’ll end up with about 3 tablespoons, enough for this recipe, since some of the fat is absorbed by the plant material.
  3. Before you make the popcorn, melt your infused ghee and add some sea salt to taste. Set aside -- this will be used to coat the popcorn.
  4. Put your large pot over medium heat. Add your oil, 3 kernels and cover. These kernels will be the alarm, telling us when the oil is ready. Once you hear the testers start to pop, add the rest of the half cup of kernels and stir, making sure they’re covered in oil. Return the lid and wait a minute or two.
  5. Once you start to hear the rest of the batch pop, carefully start shaking the covered pot around, with the burner still on (be sure to use oven mitts or potholders!). This will circulate the kernels so they pop evenly. When you are hearing fewer and fewer pops, turn off the heat and crack the lid slightly so steam can escape.
  6. Pour the popcorn into a very large bowl (or onto a baking sheet) and quickly coat with the melted ghee. Mix around so each piece is glossy. Next, you can add any toppings you like! The ghee will act as glue. This is delicious with just some simple salting, but we also love nutritional yeast, chili pepper, grated aged cheese, and other spice blends to make our THC popcorn taste amazing. Have fun and experiment!
Check out an infused popcorn recipe by Ardent community member Peter Cardoz:

How did your Edible Potcorn Turn Out?

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