Juneteenth: Celebrating Black Innovators

To the Ardent community, thank you for continuing to support a Black woman-owned business! Not long ago, this wouldn’t have been possible, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. In honor of Juneteenth, we are highlighting a selection of inspiring Black community members who are changing the cannabis industry for the better. Join us in celebrating these leaders by reading more about them and supporting their work!

Tyler Edwards aka Tyler Therapy

Tyler is one bad Mutha Puffa! She is a music artist, actress, and content creator in the cannabis space. She is the founder of Cannamom OG, an organization dedicated to ending the stigma around mothers that consume cannabis at all stages of motherhood, including during their pregnancy. Tyler is an advocate that mothers can tackle their day to day responsibilities, despite their consumption or involvement in the cannabis industry. Across all of her platforms, her content is humorous, informative and fun to tune into. Check her out on Instagram @TylerTherapy and support her brand @BadMuthaPuffa

Hope Wiseman

Hope wiseman is a lady on a mission! She is the youngest Black woman to own a cannabis dispensary, located in Maryland @maryandmain; her event platform @420experience.co supports the community with education and networking around topics like business, policy, lifestyle, and science; and her latest venture @wiseco.ltd will be the reason why we see more canna-businesses and brands from her. Despite her success and thriving businesses, she still works to provide education, career and ownership opportunities to other entrepreneurs of color looking to get into the cannabis industry. She shines so bright, and it’s not just her beautiful smile. Her grit, intelligence, humility and unapologetic approach to elevate others around her as she grows her business, is a true testament to the spirit she walks with-FIERCE! Please take a moment and follow her on Instagram: @iamhopesodope

Tahir Johnson

Tahir is a father, an entrepreneur and a great inspiration to many! He has been on the grind, developing his understanding of the cannabis industry, but also of the plant. Tahir has been a service-focused leader and we believe that he deserves everything he is earning in the cannabis space- the recognition, the support and the ability to start working towards generational wealth. He attended Howard University, holds a Marijuana Master Certificate from the Cannabis Training University, and studied Indoor Horticulture from Oaksterdam University. Did we mention that he and his team are among the first in the state of New Jersey to get 1/11 of the Social Equity cannabis dispensary licenses?! SO MUCH YASS! Please take a moment and give him a follow on Instagram @tahdiddy , stay tuned and prepare to celebrate much more with Tahir!

Mary Pryor

Mary is a leading lady in marketing, tech, wellness and the advocacy of people of color in the cannabis industry. On a mission to destigmatize the plant, and industry opportunities, she is the co-founder of Cannaclusive, an organization dedicated to creating space for people of color to have visibility in the cannabis industry. The organization creates thoughtful and dynamic content to support companies that are trying to reach more diverse audiences. Visit the organization online at cannaclusive.com and please contact Instagram TODAY asking for them to return their Instagram account @Cannaclusive

Roz McCarthy

Roz is a power house, a mother and the Founder/ CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM). The mission at M4MM is focused on providing advocacy, outreach, research, and training as it relates to the business, social reform, public policy, and health /wellness in the cannabis industry. The organization has chapters throughout the country and offers training and information sessions on a wide range of topics for people interested in positioning themselves for success in the industry. Check her organization out online at minorities4medicalmarijuana.org and @M4MMUnited on Instagram.

Gary Perry

Gary aka @_terpenepapi is the Founder of Tiny Trap Concerts, a Social Equity Ancillary Cannabis business that got its start in our home state of Massachusetts! Gary is an artist and entrepreneur, on a mission to create a bridge between cannabis companies and music culture- a true testament of this cannabis lifestyle from legacy to “legal” operations! Gary is also the founder of the Street Certified program in Massachusetts that provides doctor consultations and Medical Marijuana patient cards at a reduced rate for people living in disproportionately policed areas of Boston and the state overall. Gary and his team recently executed their third Tiny Trap Concert featuring national recording music artists and local artists from the state at a cannabis dispensary. Check out @TinyTrapConcerts and show some love at a show taking place in a cannabis dispensary near you soon!

Jordan Rock

Jordan is a content creator and marketing guru at Get Rock Media. His content is fun, engaging and unapologetically Black. We love to tune into his stories and travels. The mission at Get Rock Media is to travel the world, capturing stories of local vibe dealers and plant healers. He helps to amplify brand reach through storytelling and creative community marketing. He is on the team at Cannaclusive too! You can learn more about his company at GetRockMedia.com and follow him on Instagram at @Jordan_rockzz

Tiara “Barbie” Kelly

Tiara is badass! We love to be around her, and also tune into her content! She is a non-binary icon, a dancer, model, influencer and the CEO at the lifestyle brand Spiritual Ratchet. Founded in 2020 in Los Angeles, Spiritual Ratchet is a Black, Queer-owned brand that offers products ranging from accessories, apparel, affirmation mugs and more. The mission is to uplift the Black community as they explore personal healing. Show her brand some love online at SpiritualRatchet.com and follow her on Instagram @tiararkelly.

Dante Jordan

Dante is a writer, content creator, he creates top-tier R&B playlists, and knows how to have a good time! His works have been featured in Leafly, Weedmaps and more. Writers like Dante are vital to shedding light on people in the Black community, in addition to issues related to the great disparities experienced by the Black community as it relates to cannabis and more. If you tune into his page online @smokingwithDante you can get some great tips for the future or life in general! It's tough out here, when you don’t have a reliable source of relevant information, so be sure to follow him online @Dante_Jordan and @SmokingwithDante.

Rico Lamitte

Rico is a dope dad, a hemp man, the news man at @thestateofcannabis and Visionary at @canivision.global on Instagram. Rico recently joined us in honoring our Founder Shanel at the High Times 100 Most Influential People. His support means the world to us, and we hope that you will follow along on his journey by checking out canivision.com and following him on Instagram at @RicoLamitte

Roger Sterling

Roger aka the Ganja Guru is an influencer on the rise! We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him, vibe with him and build. Roger has a thing for awesome content, that makes you have some FOMO, but don’t get it twisted- he is extremely inclusive. Roger produces a cannabis-infused experience: the Ganja Guru L.I.T. Stoner Workout Sesh, where guests can hold a vibe, and be empowered about different ways to incorporate cannabis into their Yoga practice featuring local cannabis brands. Take a moment to follow Roger on Instagram at @GanjaGuru2 and be sure to stay tuned for his next infused experience!

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