Instant Edibles on the Go: Empanadas on the Boardwalk

Above all, cannabis is versatile. And being able to make infused oils at the press of a button using just a tiny amount of cannabis, kief or concentrates means that you aren't stuck in the rut of cannabis chocolates and gummies. There's nothing better than being able to add variety and excitement to your cannabis routine and seamlessly incorporate it into your routine and show your friends and family the endless possibilities of this amazing plant. That's why we're so obsessed with instant edibles and making infused sauces on the go.

One of our favorite places to unwind, connect with nature and expand our minds is at the beach. And the boardwalk means snacks, snacks, and snacks!

Precise Decarboxylation for Maximum Activation

As you may know by now, THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids are locked under an acid layer inside the raw plant. Ardent;s precision technology unlocks over 97% of the cannabinoids in your flower, kief or concentrate, meaning you can get over 200mgs of THC from one nug of 20% THC flower. For many concentrates, that means over 700mg in a gram. For you, that means just using a tiny bit of starting material in order to instantly create any product you could dream of. And it's not just THC, Ardent decarboxylators activate CBD, CBG, THCV and all of the other major and minor cannabinoids, giving you the power to make personalized, custom therapies for medical cannabis, wellness and enjoyment purposes. Activating and then using your flower, kief and concentrates in your meals means that you save money and you're in control of the dose every time.

Infusing on the Go: Mixing Decarbed Herb, Kief, and Concentrates

One of the easiest ways to infuse on the go is taking some decarbed herb kief and concentrates and mixing it right into your dish. This is great for blending into salads, soups, pasta and breakfast dishes. If you're looking for even infusion into a dipping sauce, its also super simple to take your decarbed material and infuse it into some oil. A second cycle in the Ardent with the decarbed material and oil will extract the cannabinoids from the flower into the oil. Put your infused oil into a small container and bring it on your adventures. Mix the infused oil into your sauces or dressings when you're out for a meal in the town.

Beach Day Infusion Adventure with Ardent FX

For this day on the beach with the ardent ladies, we decaboxylated 1 gram of Purple Punch in the FX and then used the FX to infuse the 1 gram of decarboxylated flower into an 1 ounce of MCT oil. Based on the starting 24% THC in our flower, after activation and infusion we had 200MG THC in our ounce of MCT oil. Plenty for three ladies looking for a therapeutic and relaxing afternoon. We chose MCT oil because it has no taste and will easily mix in with any snack we encountered.

Elevating Empanadas with Infused Sauce

As soon as we arrived, we heard the siren song of the Empanada Man. We opted for chicken and veggie, and they came out piping hot sauce on the side. To take these empanadas to the next level, we mixed the infused MCT oil with the empanada sauce and dipped as much or little as we wanted. Eve went for a little dose, just a few dips. Miriam went all the way in, pouring the sauce onto hers. And you can just call me the Goldie Locks of the bunch. A little dip and a little pour got me JUST RIGHT.

Elevate Your Meal on the Go with Ardent Tech

So next time you're about to head out, no matter what the event, know how simple and easy it is to elevate your meal on the go. With Ardent tech, customized doses of THC, CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoid blend that suits you. It's precision, lab-grade tech on the inside that is easy as a press of a button on the outside. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced connoisseur, you'll love the power and ease that Ardent tech brings into your life.

Ardent tech is your ticket to transforming your flower, kief, concentrates and even stems (!) into any product you need as a medical cannabis patient, seek as a wellness or preventative aid, or dream up as a cultured connoisseur.

Check out our elite precision decarboxylators and accessories and our top-shelf CBGa flower and CBGa kief and start creating today!

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