Instant Edibles - Cornbread 3 Ways in the FX

Indulge in Infused Cornbread Delights with Ardent FX: Three Ways to Elevate Your Culinary Experience!

At Ardent, we believe in unleashing your culinary creativity and infusing your favorite cannabinoids into delectable snacks! Our powerful decarb and infusion capabilities make it a breeze to create mouthwatering treats right inside the Ardent FX, your very own portable oven. And with our range of accessories, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to enhance your morning routine and enjoy plant-infused midnight snacks.

Instant Edible Method: Infusing Cornbread Batter with Decarbed Ground Herb

Today, we're taking a break from pancakes and diving into the world of infused cornbread. The process is as simple as can be. Begin by preheating your Ardent FX on A1. Next, prepare your favorite cornbread mix (any variety will do) and add a sprinkle of decarbed ground herb to infuse each mini loaf. We call this the instant edible method, because there is no oil infusion step needed, just a small amount of the decarbed bud, kief or concentrate added right to your food, in this case the batter. If you did want to use oil instead, you certainly can! Remember, you can experiment with decarbed THC, CBD, CBG, or any blend of flowers, kiefs, and concentrates to create personalized doses for your snacks and other creations.

Method 1: Perfectly Infused Cornbread Cakes with Silicone Sleeve or Vessel

To get a perfectly infused cornbread cake perfect for one or two, use the Silicone Sleeve or Vessel. Give each a spray of non-stick oil so your cakes will slide right out. Then add your instant edible batter into the Sleeve or Vessel and pop them into the FX on the bake setting for 25 minutes. At the end of the cycle, remove the Sleeve or Vessel from the FX, and there you have it—perfectly infused cornbread cake ready for your enjoyment! For an extra dose of elevation, try spreading some cannabutter on top of your infused cornbread.

Method 2: Individual Mini Infused Cornbread Loaves with Double Lifter and Nova Vessels

If you're up for another variation, we've got you covered. Use the Double Lifter and two Nova Vessels to make individual mini infused cornbread loaves.. Follow the same process as making them in the FX Vessel, but this time, use the double lifter to hold the two small Vessels. Fill the Vessels with your cornbread batter, place them inside the FX, and prepare for thick and fluffy infused mini cornbread loaves.

Elevate Your Culinary Adventures with Ardent FX, Nova, and Mini

With the Ardent FX, Nova, and Mini, your culinary journey knows no bounds! With a simple press of a button, you can create your favorite snacks infused with precisely dosed cannabinoids. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced connoisseur, Ardent's precision, lab-grade technology offers a seamless and enjoyable experience. Discover the endless possibilities and elevate your culinary adventures with Ardent!

Ready to make your own infused snacks?

The Ardent FX is the perfect tool for making delicious and potent edibles at home. With its precise decarboxylation and infusion capabilities, the FX makes it easy to create personalized doses for your snacks and other creations.

Learn more about the Ardent FX and start creating today!

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