Infused Mini Pancakes 3 Ways in the FX

It’s so easy to make anything with Ardent, especially incorporating your favorite cannabinoids in your favorite snacks. First off, Ardent’s decarb and infusion capabilities are divine. But even more than that, it's its own portable oven. You can bake snacks and mini meals right inside. And the accessories make the creation process exciting and full of possibilities to fuel your entire day, from enhancing your morning routine to packing your midnight snacks with extra plant protection.

Making Pancakes in the FX

Making pancakes in the FX was easy as pie. First we put the FX on A1 to Preheat. Then we blended our pancake mix (you can use any variety) with a little sprinkle of decarbed ground herb, for a potent 20mg THC per pancake. Remember, of course, that you can use decarbed CBD, CBG or any mix of flowers, kiefs or concentrates and blend with your meals and snacks. You can also infuse into oil after decarb and then use the oils in your recipes instead of using the decarbed material directly. To learn more about dosing your creations, check out our dosing guide.

Utilizing the Triple Lifter

After we mixed our bud and batter, we got non-stick with a little spray to each of the layers of the triple lifter. This little accessory is amazing for making three snacks at once in the FX, or for decarbing different strains or types of material. Triple lifter makes it simple and satisfying to decarb kief, concentrate and flower all at once.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Infused Mini Pancakes in the FX

Pour the pancakes and pop the lifter into the FX, and then run the Bake cycle for 20 minutes. Remove the lifter, pop out the infused pancakes and get to enjoying it!! You can get doubly elevated by using cannabutter on your infused cakes.

Exploring Alternative Methods with Nova Vessels

Just like the triple lifter, the double and single lifters are the wind beneath your creative wings. Effortlessly expand the capacity of your FX with the power of the double stack, and slide and glide jars, vials and all your other containers in and out of the machine with ease using the classic single lifter.

Exploring Creative Possibilities with the FX, Nova, and Mini

As an alternative to the triple lifter, we made some super fluffy pancakes using the Nova Vessels in the FX. Same process as making them on the triple lifter, we used the double lifter to hold the two small Vessels. We filled the bottom of the vessels with the batter and placed the Vessels on the and into the FX. The result was thick fluffy infused mini pancakes.

There are so many ways to create in the FX, Nova and Mini. At the press of a button you can make your favorite snacks, customized to your dose, fun and simple to make.

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