Infused Espresso Wars - Miriam vs. Eve: Battle for the Best Cannabis Coffee in Barcelona!


At Ardent, we believe you have the right to health, wellness and joy using natural resources that pair perfectly with our bodies' biology. This is especially true when we're on the road spreading the message of this powerful plant and need an extra pick-me-up. And just because we are serious about making sure this plant and everyone who wants to use it has the ability to, that doesn't mean that we don't like to have fun and bring a little friendly competition into the mix! And you know there's no one more serious about their craft than the coffee lovers (except, of course, us plant people!).

To that end, in the bustling streets of Barcelona, two coffee and weed enthusiasts, Miriam and Eve, faced off in an epic showdown to determine who makes the best-infused espresso. The scene was set for an intense competition and Miriam and Eve each brought their tried and true methods of making cannabis-infused coffee, aiming to delight the taste buds and energize their fellow enthusiasts. In this blog post, we invite you to join the battle and cast your vote for the queen of Ardent-infused coffee!

Long days and nights at the show and in the cafes demand high performance from everyone on the team. Starting the morning with a full or microdose of THC can really help get the day going. Or maybe you want to tap into the health benefits of CBD, CBG and other non psychoactive cannabinoids as part of your morning pick-me-up. (If you haven't seen our magical, exclusive CBGA kief, check out this wonder cannabinoid and start folding it into your daily preventative routine!)

On this special adventure, Miriam and Eve went toe to toe comparing their tried and true methods of making coffee. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and these ladies were ready to show out for their espresso!!

The Contestants:

Miriam, a familiar face to many, is known for her expertise in infusing coffee (and so many other things lol) with cannabis. Eve, on the other hand, has been a valued member of the Ardent team for years, continuously exploring innovative ways to create cannabis-infused beverages. With their passion for both coffee and cannabis, they were more than prepared to showcase their unique approaches and techniques.

The Infused Espresso Process:

Before diving into the battle, it's crucial to understand the process of creating infused espresso. Like any edible, it all starts with a proper decarboxylation, ensuring that the cannabinoids in the hemp or cannabis you are using are fully activated and ready to give you the desired effects. After decarboxylation, the next step is to infuse the cannabinoids into a dairy product with a high fat content like whole milk, or cream, or infusing into coconut/MCT oil for those opting to go the bulletproof coffee route. Ardent's technology allows for decarb and infusion at the simple press of a button, on top of precise control over the dosage, making it easy to create customized cannabinoid therapies in the form of your favorite drinks or any other product you can dream of.

With Ardent, you can control the dose and there's no minimum amount required so you can make just the amount you need when you need it! For this battle, we decarbed one gram of flower and infused that into 1oz of coconut oil, which has the highest infusion rate among the choices, since it has the highest in fat. After infusion, our coconut oil contained approx 150mg THC, based on our starting 1 gram of decarbed flower that was 20% THC. For more info on calculating dosing in decarb and infusion, check out our dosing guide.

And if you're in a rush or need something ready to infuse, check out Ardent's Done For You Cannabutter - 600mg THC + 600 mg CBD per jar means you can easily infuse your coffee or favorite snacks.

Miriam's Traditional Approach:

Miriam relied on her years of experience, using a traditional method to craft her infused espresso. After brewing, she added a bit of sugar, some milk and the infused coconut oil, coaxing out the rich flavors and delightful aromas of the espresso. Her approach captured the essence of both coffee and cannabis, creating a harmonious blend that satisfied both the taste buds and the spirit.

Eve's Innovative Twist:

Eve, always pushing the boundaries, brought her own unique spin to the competition. She opted to add her sweet before the brew and added cream and infused coconut oil to elevate the coffee experience. Her creativity shone through as she artfully balanced the flavors and effects, creating a memorable infusion that left coffee lovers craving more.

Vote for Your International Espresso Queen:

Now, it's your turn to be the judge! Check out the video to see the competition first hand, and then decide who’s espresso makes you swoon. Cast your vote below and help crown the queen of Ardent-infused coffee. Miriam and Eve have poured their hearts and souls into their creations, and your opinion matters. By voting, you’ll also be entered into a chance to win an exclusive coffee bundle, featuring hand-picked ingredients and accessories to enhance your own coffee-infusing adventures!


The Infused Espresso Wars have ignited a passion for cannabis-infused coffee in Barcelona and beyond. With Ardent's decarboxylators and precision activation technology, you can embark on your own journey of creating customized cannabinoid therapies in the form of your favorite drinks, snacks, comfort foods, and healthy dishes. Join us in celebrating the power of cannabis and coffee, and let the magic of Ardent transform your daily routine.

Remember, the battle is fierce, but the rewards are sweet. Vote for your preferred style, support your favorite queen of infused espresso, and unlock a world of possibilities with Ardent. Cheers to the perfect blend of coffee and cannabis!


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