Get Saucy With These Condiment Recipes

Highest Hot Sauce

We're all looking for a bit of adventure these days, and we can honestly say that we put this infused hot sauce on everything. Jazz up rice bowls, pasta dishes, hamburgers, hot dogs, eggs, or anything that could use some fire with a spicy kick and a micro-dose of THC or CBD in every spoonful.

Fun to make in FX or Nova and easy to add to your dishes, this is a staple for spicy food fans!

Lebanese "Toum" Garlic Sauce

Eating Middle Eastern food in the cooler nights that come after a hot summer day make us feel like we're out travelling the world - and all from the living room!

Traditionally used on meats like chicken and lamb, or spread on shawarma sandwiches and gyros, this garlic sauce can also be eaten with sliced veggies, mixed into hummus, enjoyed on pizza crust, and more.

Fair warning, have a toothbrush and some mouthwash nearby if you plan to eat this sauce, because your breath won't be pretty - but we can guarantee it's worth it!

Pesto Spread

Some think of pesto as a here-and-there treat for Italian feasts but oh how wrong they are! The delectable combination of flavors this simple-looking dish contains gives boring dishes new life.

Pesto can be used with so much more than what you may be used to. For an elevated grilled cheese (or really any sandwich), pasta and pasta salad, homemade pizza, dressing base, meat marinade, or even a quick snack with pita chips and ricotta, this versatile sauce never fails to surprise and delight.

Feel free to toss in some leftover kale or baby spinach to thicken it up!

If you're still in need of an FX or Nova to elevate your summer, use the code SAUCE for a special discount today!

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